student, baccalaureate, graduate, undergraduate


: A student of philosophy.

: He is a student of life.

: The students were out raising funds for [[rag week]].

: If the government wants graduates to stay in the country they should offer more incentives.

: The man graduated in 1967.

: Trisha graduated from college.

: Trisha graduated college.

: Indiana University graduated the student.

: The college graduated him as soon as he was no longer eligible to play under NCAA rules.

: sandstone which graduates into gneiss; carnelian sometimes graduates into quartz

: to graduate the heat of an oven

*: Dyers advance and graduate their colours with salts.

: undergraduate studies

suositut haut
suunnaton reuna viikonloppu kulkukortti [[poliittinen]] [[puolue]] pelikaani