ice cream cone, wafer, waffle


*: The house supplied him with a wafer for his present purpose, with which, having sealed his letter, he returned hastily towards the brook side, in order to search for the things which he had there lost.

: The brunch was waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

*: The cab was waffled in between the two, Marsh never having a prayer or even a full comprehension of what happened to him. He was crushed flat, never even hearing the deafening screech of metal.

*: These were not the Cowboys who were waffled, 45-14, here at mid-season. They came prepared to play a championship football game, with an [[ultra-conservative]] game plan suited to the horrendous turf conditions, and came close to pulling it off [...]

*: Then I waffled him and knocked him down. Why I cut myself open with the razor, Im not completely sure. I was like the idiot in a bar who gets all worked up and smashes a bottle over his head [...]

*: Bednarik, however, says the play became legendary only because of the circumstances. " I did it [...] to the top honcho. He just happened to be there and the pass was thrown to him. I waffled him cleanly." [...] "He just cold-cocked Frank," said linebacker Bob Pellegrini, whose injury sent Bednarik into the game to play defense.

: This interesting point seems to get lost a little within a lot of self-important waffle.

: The geese waffled as they approached the water.

*: Again the answer was "waffled," for this did not say that no air units had been alerted. Only that none had been "identified." Moreover, the reply concerned air "unit[s]" as opposed to "air craft".

*: Unless you have a great line in gags or repartee dont waffle on aimlessly to your audience, or make in-jokes among yourselves, the band or the compere/DJ.

*: Before getting down to the nitty gritty of beekeeping, most contributors to BBJ like to waffle on for a bit about the weather, the state of their garden or something equally inconsequential.

*: She waffled on for ages. Usually Id say something smart or make it obvious that I wasnt interested and couldnt be bothered listening.

*: The whole thing ended suddenly when the hotel manager arrived. He waffled on for a bit; this settled everyone down.

: He waffles between loving the movie and hating it, depending on whos asking.

*: “... You get anything useful on the background checks?” ¶ He waffled his hand. “Nothing like what you brought back, but still some interesting notes. ...

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