blooper, error, wrong, goof, flaw, wrinkle, mistake, fault, exception, stumble


*: "Am I in error in marking out the s in the word assistants used in the following manner? [...]"

: The web-page took a long time to load and errored out.

: Remove that line of code and the script should stop erroring there.

: This directory errors with a "Permission denied" message.

: The block transmission errored near the start and could not be received.

*: Pixels which are mathematically outside of a triangle, but which are included for anti-aliasing purposes can be generated with colour and depth information outside of the valid range. The ADE should identify these cases and clamp the output to the minimum or maximum value depending on the direction it has errored in.

*: By doing so examiners are erroring in the direction of drawing hypotheses based on greater evidence of reliability and validity.

*: Error is not just permitted by diversity; it is what permits diversity.... The beetle had “errored” beautifully

*: Many other celebrities errored in the political comments area...

: Some of your answers were correct, and some were wrong.

*: Among this princely heap, if any here / By false intelligence or wrong surmise / Hold me a foe ...

: Youre wrong: hes not Superman at all.

: It is wrong to lie.

: A bikini is the wrong thing to wear on a cold day.

: Something is wrong with my cellphone.

: Dont cry, honey. Tell me whats wrong.

: a wrong nose

: rfquotek|Wyclif Bible (Leviticus xxi. 19)

: I spelled several names wrong in my address book.

: Injustice is a heinous wrong.

*: Can she excuse my wrongs with Virtues cloak? Shall I call her good when she proves unkind?

: I made a goof in that last calculation.

: Your little brother is a total goof.

: Its my fault: I goofed.

: We were just goofing by painting the neighbors cat green.

: There is a flaw in that knife.

: That vase has a flaw.

*: This heart / Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws.

*: Has not this also its flaws and its dark side?

: a flaw in a will, in a deed, or in a statute

*: Snow, and hail, and stormy gust and flaw.

*: Like flaws in summer laying lusty corn.

*: And deluges of armies from the town / Came pouring in; I heard the mighty flaw.

: Spending time out in the sun may cause you to develop wrinkles sooner.

: Three months later, were still discovering new wrinkles.

: to have a new wrinkle

: Be careful not to wrinkle your dress before we arrive.

*: her wrinkled form in black and white arrayed

: An hour in the tub will cause your fingers to wrinkle.

: The skin is the substance that wrinkles, shows age, stretches, scars and cuts.

: rfquotek|Marston

*: After it is all over, as stupid a fellow as I am can see that mistakes were made. I notice, however, that my mistakes are never told me until it is too late.

: Sorry, I mistook you for my brother. You look very similar.

*: My fathers purposes have been mistook.

*: A man may mistake the love of virtue for the practice of it.

*: Servants mistake, and sometimes occasion misunderstanding among friends.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: As patches set upon a little breach / Discredit more in hiding of the fault.

: No!. This is my fault, not yours

: For all her faults, shes a good person at heart.

: The fault lies with you.

: slate fault, dirt fault, etc.

: rfquotek|Raymond

*: one, it pleases me, for fault of a better, to call my friend

*: Ceasing their clamorous cry till they have singled, / With much ado, the cold fault clearly out.

*: For that I will not fault thee / But for humbleness exalt thee.

*: When a page is read in, a few pages surrounding the faulted page are typically loaded as well in the same I/O operation in an effort to head off future page faults.

*: He stumbled up the dark avenue.

: ux|en|He stumbled over a rock.

: ux|en|I always stumble over verbs in Spanish.

*: False and dazzling fires to stumble men.

*: One thing more stumbles me in the very foundation of this hypothesis.

*: Ovid stumbled, by some inadvertency, upon Livia in a bath.

*: Forth as she waddled in the brake, / A grey goose stumbled on a snake.

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