: Wine is stronger than beer.

: She ordered some wine for the meal.

*: dorr?&

: Id like three beers and two wines, please.

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*: Neither Major Wadhams nor I is accustomed to being wined and dined by perfect strangers who do not even present themselves, but leave servants to do the honors, consequently to both of us our present situation smacks of romance and adventure;

*: I rushed into my cabin, coffeed, wined, and went to bed sobbing.

*: Vor voices rawze upon tha wine

*: Aw how sholl I tell o’m—vor âll pirty maidens

*:: When I pass’d ’em look’d back—ther smill rawze on tha wine.[[Category:1000 English basic words]][[Category:English terms with homophones]][[Category:en:Food and drink]][[Category:en:Grapevines]][[Category:en:Wine]][[Category:en:Zymurgy]]----

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