tack, harness


*: A tough test for even the strongest climber, it was new to the Tour de France this year, but its debut will be remembered for the wrong reasons after one of those spectators scattered carpet tacks on the road and induced around 30 punctures among the group of riders including Bradley Wiggins, the Tours overall leader, and his chief rivals.

*: I thought that my refusing Barnard would alienate Botha, and decided that such a tack was too risky.

: The laminate adhesive has very aggressive tack and is hard to move once in place.

*: "But if a womans got nothing but her fair fame to feed on, why, its thin tack, and a donkey would die of it!"

*: Some tacks had been made to money bills in King Charless time.

: rfquotek|Macaulay

: rfquotek|Burrill

: rfquotek|Halliwell

: to tack (something) onto (something)

: rfquotek|Drayton

*: For souvenirs – mostly outright tack and ethnicky textiles – try your bargaining skills at the shops and stalls on Binjiang Luand Zhengyang Jie, or the nightly street market spreading for about a block either side of Shanhu Bridge along Zhongshan Lu.----

*: Ring the alarum-bell! Blow, wind! come, wrack!

*: At least well die with harness on our back.

: ux|en|They harnessed the horse to the post.

: ux|en|Imagine what might happen if it were possible to harness solar energy fully.

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