dainty, eclectic, selective, choosy


*: case was deplorable enough, yet I had great cause for thankfulness that I was not driven to any extremities for food, but had rather plenty, even to dainties.

*: [A table] furnished plenteously with bread, / And dainties, remnants of the last regale.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

*: Heliogabalus the most dissolute man of the world, amidst his most riotous sensualities, intended, whensoever occasion should force him to it, to have a daintie death.

*: Those dainty limbs which nature lent / For gentle usage and soft delicacy.

*: They were a fine and dainty people.

*: And let us not be dainty of leave taking, / But shift away.

*: Chunder Sen and the Progressive Brahmists broke entirely with Hinduism...and he selected from the scriptures of all creeds what seemed best in them for instruction and for worship. ... It is an eclectic religion: it seeks to select what is good from all religions, and it has become the latest evidence that no eclectic religion can ever influence large numbers of men.

*: All members of the Hominoidea, apes and man, show an eclectic taste in food but select, from a wide range of possibilities, only a few to provide the bulk of their diet.

*: Colvin said Obama has an eclectic taste in music, listening to everything from Indonesian flute music to OutKast to Motown.

: selective pressure

: Hes very selective and spent hours in the store choosing a new shirt.

: In the USA, military conscription is controlled by the Selective Service.

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