close, cul-de-sac, checkmate, impasse, dead end, dead-end


: ux|en|Close the door behind you when you leave.

: ux|en|Jim was listening to headphones with his eyes closed.

*: What deep wounds ever closed without a scar?

*: If I close my eyes I can see Marie today as I saw her then. Round, rosy face, snub nose, dark hair piled up in a chignon.

: ux|en|The runner in second place is closing the gap on the leader.

: ux|en|to close the ranks of an army

*: They boldly closed in a hand-to-hand contest.

: ux|en|close the session;   to close a bargain;   to close a course of instruction

*: One frugal supper did our studies close.

: ux|en|The debate closed at six oclock.

: ux|en|He has closed the last two games for his team.

*: The depth closed me round about.

*: But now Thou dost Thyself immure and close / In some one corner of a feeble heart; / Where yet both Sinne and Satan, Thy old foes, / Do pinch and straiten Thee, and use much art / To gain Thy thirds and little part.

: We owe them our thanks for bringing the project to a successful close.

*: His long and troubled life was drawing to a close.

*: The doors of plank were; their close exquisite.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

*: At every close she made, the attending throng / Replied, and bore the burden of the song.

*: There is nothinge so close, that shall not be openned, and nothinge so hyd that shall not be knowen.

*: From a close bower this dainty music flowed.

: a close alley; close quarters

*: a close prison

: ux|en|Is your house close?

: ux|en|He is a close friend.

*: If the rooms be low-roofed, or full of windows and doors, the one maketh the air close, ... and the other maketh it exceeding unequal.

: a close prisoner

*: He yet kept himself close because of Saul.

*: her close intent

: a close contest

: to cut grass or hair close

*: The golden globe being put into a press, ... the water made itself way through the pores of that very close metal.

: close reasoning

*: Where the original is close no version can reach it in the same compass.

: Money is close.

: rfquotek|Bartlett

*: a crusty old fellow, as close as a vice

: a close translation

: rfquotek|John Locke

: The patient was kept under close observation.

*: closes surrounded by the venerable abodes of deans and canons.

: rfquotek|Bouvier

:* quote-news|date=20100117|first=|last=|author=Cara Buckley|authorlink=|coauthors=|title=A Suburban Treasure, Left to Die|newspaper=New York Times|city=|publisher=|quotee=|url=|page=Section MB; Column 0; Metropolitan Desk; Pg. 1|passage=And in suburbs known for new development, preservationists are often battling a general perception that there is nothing historic or worth saving among the cul-de-sacs.

: That jerk checkmated me in four moves!

*: "Young man, this town is at a bit of an impasse. If you have any suggestion that might help, now would be the time to voice it."

: That road comes to a dead end at the lake.

: a dead-end street

: a dead-end job

: Watch out! The road dead-ends in 200 yards and theres nowhere to turn around!

: We turned into the street and realised it was a dead-end.

: Mary realised her relationship with Jim had hit a dead-end.

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