alien, foreigner, offshore


*: An alien born may purchase lands, or other estates: but not for his own use; for the king is thereupon entitled to them.

*: The counsel have shown conclusively that they are not a state of the union, and have insisted that individually they are aliens, not owing allegiance to the United States.

*: Aliens are aliens because of persecution or war or hardship or famine.

*: Aliens from the common wealth of Israel.

: alien subjects, enemies, property, or shores

: principles alien to our religion

*: An alien sound of melancholy.

: foreign markets; foreign soil

: ux|en|He liked visiting foreign cities.

: foreign car; foreign word; foreign citizen; foreign trade

: ux|en|There are many more foreign students in Europe since the Erasmus scheme started.

: foreign policy; foreign navies

: foreign body; foreign substance; foreign gene; foreign species

: It was completely foreign to their way of thinking.

*: This design is not foreign from some peoples thoughts.

*: Kept him a foreign man still; which so grieved him, / That he ran mad and died.

: ux|en|My bank charges me $2.50 every time I use a foreign ATM.

: an offshore oil rig

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