: I caught one of the Rolling Stones first gigs in Richmond.

: Hey, when are we gonna get that hotel gig again?

*: Whether you want to have some occasional translation gigs or turn freelance translating into your fulltime occupation, youll need to know some essential things ...

: I had this gig as a file clerk but it wasnt my style so I left.

: Hey, that guys got a great gig over at the bike shop. He hardly works all day!

*: the room grew stifling warm and vapor clung to the windowpanes, blurring the throng of people still milling outside the courthouse, a row of tethered gigs and buggies, distant pine trees in a scrawny, ragged grove.

*: The captains gig still lies before ye whole and sound, / It shall carry all o we.

: I received gigs for having buttons undone.

: The Stones were gigging around Richmond at the time

: His older cousin was just gigging him about being in love with that girl from school.

: His sergeant gigged him for an unmade bunk.

: This picture is almost a gig; dont you wanna resize it?

: How much music does it hold? A hundred and twenty gigs.

: rfquotek|DrydenWebster 1913

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