original, new, green, recent, fresh, up-to-date


: ux|en|the original state of mankind;  the original laws of a country;  the original inventor of a process

: ux|en|The original manuscript contained spelling errors which were fixed in later versions.

: ux|en|This recording is by the original broadway cast.

: ux|en|Tonight we will hear an original work by one of our best composers.

: ux|en|The paper contains a number of original ideas about color perception.

: ux|en|Parker was one of the original bebop players.

: ux|en|This kind of barbecue is original to North Carolina.

: This manuscript is the original

: You’re an original

: ux|en|This is a new scratch on my car!   The band just released a new album.

: ux|en|We turned up some new evidence from the old files.

: ux|en|My new car is much better than my previous one, even though it is older.   We had been in our new house for five years by then.

: ux|en|New Bond Street is an extension of Bond Street.

: ux|en|Are you going to buy a new car or a second-hand one?

: ux|en|That shirt is dirty. Go and put on a new one.   I feel like a new person after a good nights sleep.   After the accident, I saw the world with new eyes.

: ux|en|My sister has a new baby, and our mother is excited to finally have a grandchild.

: ux|en|I cant see you for a while; the pain is still too new.   Did you see the new King Lear at the theatre?

: ux|en|The idea was new to me.   I need to meet new people.

: ux|en|Have you met the new guy in town?   He is the new kid at school.

: ux|en|Dont worry that youre new at this job; youll get better with time.   Im new at this business.

: ux|en|We expect to grow at 10% annually in the new decade.

: new-born, new-formed, new-found, new-mown

: They are scraping the site clean to build new.

: Out with the old, in with the new.

: ux|en|The former w|Flag of Libya

: ux|en|Sally looks pretty green — is she going to be sick?

*: to look so green and pale

: ux|en|Johns kind of green, so take it easy on him this first week.

*: I might be angry with the officious zeal which supposes that its green conceptions can instruct my grey hairs.

: ux|en|He was green with envy.

*: We say the meat is green when half roasted.

: ux|en|That timber is still too green to be used.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: ux|en|a green manhood;   a green wound

*: as valid against such an old and beneficent government as against...the greenest usurpation

: color panel|008000

*: oer the smooth enamelled green

*: In that soft season when descending showers / Call forth the greens, and wake the rising flowers.

*: Great spring before greened all the year.

: rfquotek|Tennyson

: By greening slope and singing flood. — Whittier.

: The cause has several hundred recent donors.

: I met three recent graduates at the conference.

: He followed the fresh hoofprints to find the deer.

: I seem to make fresh mistakes every time I start writing.

: After taking a beating in the boxing ring, the left side of his face looked like fresh meat.

: I brought home from the market a nice bunch of fresh spinach leaves straight from the farm.

: a glass of fresh milk

*: With fresh material, taxonomic conclusions are leavened by recognition that the material examined reflects the site it occupied; a herbarium packet gives one only a small fraction of the data desirable for sound conclusions. Herbarium material does not, indeed, allow one to extrapolate safely: what you see is what you get...

: What a nice fresh breeze.

: After a day at sea it was good to feel the fresh water of the stream.

*: There we made our ?hip fa?t with foure ropes, in ?mooth water, and the fre?h water ranne downe out of the hill into the ?ea, ...

*: When dissolved, it produces water sometimes perfectly fresh, and sometimes saltish; ...

*: Additional changes that occur when water enters the lungs depend on whether the water is fresh or salt.

*: Before the match, Hodgson had expressed the hope that his players would be fresh rather than rusty after an 18-day break from league commitments because of two successive postponements.

: a fresh hand on a ship

*: these fresh nymphs

: We are fresh out of milk.

*: They went on very well with their work until it was nigh done, when there came the second epistle to Noahs fresh, and away went their mill, shot, lock, and barrel.

*: He shall drink naught but brine; for Ill not show him / Where the quick freshes are.

: No one liked his fresh comments.

: Hey, dont get fresh with me!

: Use an up-to-date text for your source.

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