resilient, stalwart, hearty, supporting, firm, stout, sturdy, deep, solid, substantial, hefty


*: He’s resilient, and strong, but sometimes tonight, here, the weight of what he’s saying makes him stop, pause as if lost.

*: Morbo: Direct your attention now to the African turtles seen here migrating.... Morbo wishes these stalwart nomads peace

*: The driver was a stalwart woman who sat at ease in the front seat and drove her car [[bareheaded]]. She left a [[cloud]] of dust and a trail of gasoline behind her.

: ux|en|a hearty welcome;  hearty in supporting the government.

*: Full of hearty tears For our good fathers loss.

: ux|en|a hearty handshake;  a hearty timber

: ux|en|hearty food;  a hearty meal

*: “Ay, ay,” muttered the chief mate, as they rolled out of then-boats and swaggered on deck, “it’s your turn now, but it will be mine before long. Yaw about while you may, my hearties, I’ll do the yawing after the anchor’s up.”

: ux|en|Its good to have a firm grip when shaking hands.

: a firm believer; a firm friend; a firm adherent

: firm flesh; firm muscles, firm wood; firm land (i.e. not soft and marshy)

*: a stouter champion never handled sword

*: He lost the character of a bold, stout, magnanimous man.

*: The lords all stand / To clear their cause, most resolutely stout.

*: Your words have been stout against me.

*: Commonly ... they that be rich are lofty and stout.

: Campers prefer stout vessels, sticks and cloth.

: Stout is darker, stronger and sweeter than porter beer.

: a sturdy oak tree

*: He was not of any delicate contexture; his limbs rather sturdy than dainty.

: It was a sturdy building, able to withstand strong winds and cold weather.

: The dog was sturdy and could work all day without getting tired.

*: This must be done, and I would fain see / Mortal so sturdy as to gainsay.

*: A sturdy, hardened sinner shall advance to the utmost pitch of impiety with less reluctance than he took the first steps.

: a man of sturdy piety or patriotism

: ux|en|We hiked into a deep valley between tall mountains.

: ux|en|There was a deep layer of dust on the floor; the room had not been disturbed for many years.

*: Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep.

: ux|en|The shelves are 30 centimetres deep. — They are deep shelves.

: ux|en|a crowd three deep along the funeral procession

: ux|en|That cyclists deep chest allows him to draw more air.

: ux|en|to take a deep breath / sigh / drink

*: Serene, smiling, enigmatic, she faced him with no fear whatever showing in her dark eyes....She put back a truant curl from her forehead where it had sought egress to the world, and looked him full in the face now, drawing a deep breath which caused the round of her bosom to lift the lace at her throat.

: ux|en|deep into the forest;  deep in the forest

: ux|en|He is fielding at deep mid wicket.

: ux|en|She hit a ball into deep center field.

: ux|en|a deep volley

: ux|en|That is a deep thought!

: ux|en|I just meant to help out a little, but now Im deep into it.

: ux|en|Theyre deep in discussion.

*: While Britain’s recession has been deep and unforgiving, in London it has been relatively shallow.

: ux|en|a deep subject or plot

*: Why it was that the ancients had no landscape painting, is a question deep almost as the mystery of life, and harder of solution than all the problems of jurisprudence combined.

*: deep clerks

: ux|en|She has a very deep [[contralto]] voice.

: ux|en|Thats a very deep shade of blue.

: ux|en|He was in a deep sleep.

: ux|en|deep in debt;  deep in the mud;  waist-deep in the muddy water

*: The ways in that vale were very deep.

*: Deep-versed in books, and shallow in himself.

*: Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.

*: Hepaticology, outside the temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere, still lies deep in the shadow cast by that ultimate "closet taxonomist," Franz Stephani—a ghost whose shadow falls over us all.

: creatures of the deep

: Russell is a safe pair of hands in the deep.

: a solid foundation

: Thats a solid plan.

: Radioheads on tour! Have you heard their latest album yet? Its quite solid.

: I dont think Dave would have done that. Hes a solid dude.

: a solid meal

*: the solid purpose of a sincere and virtuous answer

*: These, wanting wit, affect gravity, and go by the name of solid men.

*: The genius of the Italians wrought by solid toil what the myth-making imagination of the Germans had projected in a poem.

: a solid constitution of body

: American English writes many words as solid that British English hyphenates.

: The delegation is solid for a candidate.

: John painted the walls solid white.

: He wore a solid shirt with floral pants.

: A solid foot contains 1,728 solid inches.

: Please do me a solid: lend me your car for one week.

: I owe him, he did me a solid last year.

: I prefer solids over paisleys.

: The doctor said I cant eat any solids four hours before the operation.

: Many long-established compounds are set solid.

: A substantial amount of people in this buliding

: She carries a hefty backpack full of books.

: They use some hefty bolts to hold up road signs.

: He was a tall, hefty man.

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