tihkua englanniksi   drip, distil, soak, dribble, ooze, insinuate, seep


: ux|en|Listening to the tap next door drip all night drove me mad!

: ux|en|Does the sink drip, or have I just spilt water over the floor?

: ux|en|After putting oil on the side of the salad, the chef should drip a little vinegar in the oil.

: ux|en|My broken pen dripped ink onto the table.

*: Which from the thatch drips fast a shower of rain.

: ux|en|The Old Hall simply drips with masterpieces of the Flemish painters.

: ux|en|The duchess was dripping with jewels.

: ux|en|The weather isnt so bad. I mean, its dripping, but youre not going to get so wet.

: I put a drip of vanilla extract in my hot cocoa.

: Hes not doing so well. The doctors have put him on a drip.

: He couldnt even summon up the courage to ask her name... what a drip!

*: the light drip of the suspended oar

*: In fact, it is used in a variety of medicines; we boil, burn, and distil it, to produce salts, corrodents, sublimates, ...

: Firs distil resin.

*: hell pretend not to know about mirrors or water or even seeing, but will ask you to give only what can be distilled from what you say.

: ux|en|Im going to soak in the bath for a couple of hours.

*: Their land shall be soaked with blood.

: ux|en|Soak the beans overnight before cooking.

: ux|en|The water soaked into my shoes and gave me wet feet.

*: The rivulet beneath soaked its way obscurely through wreaths of snow.

: ux|en|A sponge soaks up water; the skin soaks in moisture.

: ux|en|I soaked up all the knowledge I could at university.

: ux|en|We should soak the kiln at cone 9 for half an hour.

: rfquotek|Sir H. Wotton

*: I set off early to walk along the Melbourne Road where, one of the punters had told me, there was a soak with plenty of frogs in it.

*: Let the cook ... dribble it all the way upstairs.

*: Pale slime oozed through all the surfaces; some of it dripped from the ceiling and burned Dennis as badly as the blazing sparks had done a moment before.

*: He was hard to understand because he spoke softly, and his Vermont accent was as thick as maple syrup oozing down a pile of pancakes.

*: Her heart constricted when she saw thick blood oozing from a wide gash in his forehead.

*: "Good servants are so hard to find," Chesna said, oozing arrogance.

*: There are no two ways about it: a Berardi dress oozes sex appeal from its very seams.

*: The water easily insinuates itself into, and placidly distends, the vessels of vegetables.

*: Nanny didnt so much enter places as insinuate herself; she had unconsciously taken a natural talent for liking people and developed it into an occult science.

*: All the art of rhetoric, besides order and clearness, are for nothing else but to insinuate wrong ideas, move the passions, and thereby mislead the judgment.

*: Horace laughs to shame all follies and insinuates virtue, rather by familiar examples than by the severity of precepts.

*: He insinuated himself into the very good grace of the Duke of Buckingham.

: She insinuated that her friends had betrayed her.

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