matrix, table, calculator, array


*: upon conception the inward orifice of the matrix exactly closeth, so that it commonly admitteth nothing after [...].

*: In very rare cases, when the matrix just goes on pegging away automatically, the doctor can take advantage of that and ease out the second brat who then can be considered to be, say, three minutes younger [...].

: ux|en|Thats the strongest table Ive ever seen at a European Poker Tour event

*: I’m using mathesis — a universal science of measurement and order …
And there is also taxinomia a principle of classification and ordered tabulation.
Knowledge replaced universal resemblance with finite differences. History was arrested and turned into tables …
Western reason had entered the age of judgement.

: ux|en|The children were practising multiplication tables.

: ux|en|Don’t you know your tables?

: ux|en|Here is a table of natural logarithms.

: rfquotek|Carlyle

: The legislature tabled the amendment, so they will start discussing it now.

: The legislature tabled the amendment, so they will not be discussing it until later.

: The [[motion]] was tabled, ensuring that it would not be taken up until a later date.

: to table fines

*: tabled and pictured in the chambers of meditation

: rfquotek|Milton

: to table charges against someone

: rfquotek|Dryden

*: a gallant array of nobles and cavaliers

: drawn up in battle array

*: wedged together in the closest array

*: their long array of sapphire and of gold

: We offer a dazzling array of choices.

: He was arrayed in his finest robes and jewels.

: rfquotek|Blackstone

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