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: Each player starts the game with four counters on the board.

: ux|en|We have to wait to hear back from the board.

: ux|en|Room and board

*: Now board to board the rival vessels row.

*: Fruit of all kinds ... / She gathers, tribute large, and on the board / Heaps with unsparing hand.

: to bind a book in boards

: It is time to board the aircraft.

*: You board an enemy to capture her, and a stranger to receive news or make a communication.

: to board ones horse at a livery stable

*: We ... board in the same house.

*: Ere long with like againe he boorded mee, / Saying, he now had boulted all the floure ...

: to board a house

*: the boarded hovel

: ux|en|Thats the strongest table Ive ever seen at a European Poker Tour event

*: I’m using mathesis — a universal science of measurement and order …
And there is also taxinomia a principle of classification and ordered tabulation.
Knowledge replaced universal resemblance with finite differences. History was arrested and turned into tables …
Western reason had entered the age of judgement.

: ux|en|The children were practising multiplication tables.

: ux|en|Don’t you know your tables?

: ux|en|Here is a table of natural logarithms.

: rfquotek|Carlyle

: The legislature tabled the amendment, so they will start discussing it now.

: The legislature tabled the amendment, so they will not be discussing it until later.

: The [[motion]] was tabled, ensuring that it would not be taken up until a later date.

: to table fines

*: tabled and pictured in the chambers of meditation

: rfquotek|Milton

: to table charges against someone

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