revision, checkup


*: Revision can turn a passable paper into an excellent one and change an excellent one into a radiant one.

*: The full history of its composition, revision, transmission, and publication is a complex and intricate one beyond the necessarily limited scope of this Note,....

*: Many formalisms for belief revision use extraneous mechanisms for deciding what beliefs to keep and this makes it harder to iterate the process.

: All that last minute revision really paid off in the exam! I got top marks!

*: The first thing members need to understand about a revision is that the current bylaws are not under consideration at all. If the revision is defeated, no changes to the current bylaws take place.

*: However, it is evident in a minority of cases that a revision by Lawrence is prompted solely by the need to remedy some local effect caused by Garnett?s deletion, and there, clearly, Lawrence?s MS text is, in principle, to be preferred.

*: Previous editions of World Development Indicators used revision 2, first published in 1948. Revision 3 was completed in 1989, and many countries now use it. But revision 2 is still widely used for compiling cross-country data.

*: Include the revision number. You may need to add a triangle and number, shown in Figure 9-6, to indicate the revision number.

: A revision story

: What philosophy needs is to be revisioned with a more hopeful, engaged inspirational point of view.

: The appointment was just for a checkup.

: I took my car in for an annual checkup.

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