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: ux|en|That year, a meteor fell from the sky.

: ux|en|I lay back under a warm Texas sky.

: ux|en|Were not sure how long the cloudy skies will last.

*: So this was my future home, I thought!...Backed by towering hills, the but faintly discernible purple line of the French boundary off to the southwest, a sky of palest Gobelin flecked with fat, fleecy little clouds, it in truth looked a dear little city; the city of ones dreams.

*: She wakened in sharp panic, bewildered by the grotesquerie of some half-remembered dream in contrast with the harshness of inclement fact, drowsily realising that since she had fallen asleep it had come on to rain smartly out of a shrouded sky.

: ux|en|This mortal has incurred the wrath of the skies.

*: Brother Academicians who skied his pictures.

*: To-day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

*: It sounds to him like her mothers voice, / Singing in Paradise.

: an island paradise in the Caribbean

: rfquotek|Oxf. Gloss

: rfquotek|Marston

*: All that is [[under|vnder]] the heauen.

*: The [[ordinance|ordinaunce]]...made such a great [[noise|noyse]] and [[thundering|thunderyng]] that it seemed the heaven would have fallen.

*: In ascending orderly [[upwards|vpwardes]]...The first is the [[sphere|Spheare]] of the [[Moon]]e...The [[seventh|seuenth]] the [[sphere|Spheare]] of [[Saturn]]e, The [[eighth|eight]] the [[sphere|Spheare]] of the fixed [[stars|Starres]], commonly called the firmament. The ninth is called the second [[movable|moueable]] or [[crystal|Christall]] heauen, The tenth is called the first [[movable|moueable]], and the [[eleventh|eleuenth]] is called the [[empyreal|Emperiall]] heauen, where God and his Angels are said to dwell.

*: What obscured light the heauens did grant.

*: The Heauens...are carried in 24 [[hours|houres]] from East to West.

*: Stars and constellations; some fixed for the Ornament of Heaven

*: The moons path lies in that belt of the heavens known as the zodiac.

*: In an infinite...universe the stars would collectively outshine the Sun and flood the heavens with light far more intense than is observed.

*: Above is Heaven, Below are [[Suzhou]] and [[Hangzhou]]

*: The [[beasts|bestis]] of the [[earth|erthe]]...the [[fowls|foulis]] of heuene

*: [[every|Everie]]...[[country|Countrie]], by the nature of the place, the climate of the Heaven, and the influence of the [[stars|starres]] [[hath]] [[certain]]e [[virtues|vertues]].

*: The [[quality|qualitie]] of [[mercy|mercie]] is not [[strained|?traind]],
it [[drops|droppeth]] as the gentle [[rain]]e from heauen
[[upon|vpon]] the place beneath

*: Fellow-believers...fed the birds of heaven with the [[carcasses|carcases]] of pious and reverend Church-men.

*: [[every|Euery]] man cannot, with Archimedes, make a heauen of [[brass]]e.

*: And there was a [[battle|battel]] in heauen. Michael & his Angels [[fought|foght]] [[against|again?t]] the dragon, and the dragon foght & his Angels. But they [[prevailed|preuailed]] not, [[neither|nether]] was their place [[found]]e [[any|anie]] more in heauen.

*: Con?ider fir?t that the [[w:John Maxwell (bishop)|excommunicated Prelate]] [[saith|?aith]]... Kings are not [[immediately|immediatly]] from God, as by any [[special|?peciall]] Ordinance ?ent from Heaven by the mini?tery of Angels and Prophets, there were but ?ome few ?uch, as Mo?es, Saul, David, [[etc.]]

*: Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heavn.

*: Christs coming from the heavens has entered into the life of humanity as the Founder of the world to come.

*: Venus...[[down|Doun]] [[from|fro]] the heven gan [[descend]]e.

*: [[they|Thei]] make [[sweet]]e [[cakes|cakis]] to the [[queen|quen]] of heuene [[[Astarte]]]

*: With [[Jove|Ioue]] in heauen, or some where else.

*: As he [Muhammad] was returning, in the fourth Heaven, Moses advised him to [[go]]e back to God.

*: Like the Buddhas, they [the [[Jain]]s] believe that there is a plurality of heavens and hells.

*: The heaven of [[Siva]] is in the midst of the eternal snows and glaciers of Keilás, one of the highest and deepest groups of the stupendous summits of [[Himalaya|Hémaláya]].

*: To grasp the Chineses notion of Heaven, we must look at the contexts in which tian is used... In the Book of Odes (Shi jing [[??]]), which includes poems dated between the eleventh and seventh centuries [[BCE]], tian is a place where the Heavenly [[thearch|Thearch]] resides.

*: ...he cannot [[thrive|thriue]],
[[unless|Vnlesse]] her prayers, whom heauen delights to [[hear]]e
And [[loves|loues]] to grant, [[reprieve|repreeue]] him from the wrath
Of greatest [[justice|Iustice]].

*: After that thou shalt [[have|haue]] [[known|knowen]] that the heauens [[do]]e rule.

*: ...The will
And high permission of all-ruling Heaven.

*: Heaven commands thine arm
To lift the sure-destroying sword!

*: ...executing the just judgment of offended Heaven upon cattle-[[hougher]]s, traitors, and assassins.

*: Theres nothing we can do but pray to heaven for good luck.

*: Cosmologists regarded Heaven as a force—composed of [[qi]] [[?]], which was divided into [[yin]] [[?]] and [[yang]] [[?]] aspects—that kept the cosmos moving.

*: [[teach|Teache]] the people to [[get]]t heuen with [[fasting|fastynge]].

*: ...what I [[speak]]e
My body shall make good [[upon|vpon]] this earth,
Or my [[divine|diuine]] [[soul]]e answer it in heauen.

*: [[we|Wee]] [[have|haue]] a great high Priest, that is passed into the heauens.

*: The belief in ascending to Heaven after death became widespread in the Han dynasty.

*: If heuene be on [[this|þis]] [[earth|erthe]]...It is in [[cloister]]e or in [[school|scole]].

*: [[Ill|Ile]] follow thee and make a heauen of hell.

*: England, that was formerly the heaven, would be now the hell for women.

*: The mind is its own place, and in it self
Can make a Heavn of Hell, a Hell of Heavn.

*: Such a shop as that...would be quite a heaven upon earth to me.

*: They thought strikes and hunger marches the quintessence of politics and Soviet Russia heaven on earth.

*: It an heuene was [[her|hire]] [[voice|voys]] to [[hear|here]].

*: [[husbands|Husbandes]] are in heauen...whose [[wives|wiues]] scold not.

*: Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!

*: Perhaps it has gone to the dog heaven, and is wagging somewhere in glory.

*: His pet name for Easthampton is ‘Goose-heaven’, and he harps upon the idea eternally.

*: One gray beard who found the gates closed shinned up the fifteen foot fence...and dropped into the baseball heaven he was seeking.

*: The Dave Clark 5 deserve a place in Rock & Roll Heaven right along there beside Question Mark & The Mysterians, the Standells, Count Five, the Troggs, and the Music Machine.

*: The building was once a candy factory, which makes it, Frazier says, mouse heaven.

*: Ricky bumps it into the garden, and tells me it is going to ‘the cooker heaven’. ‘Where it will be this size,’ adds his wife, her hands making the size of a brick. She means that it is off to the squasher.

*: Goronwy has gone to goldfish heaven where he is swimming in a beautiful clear blue ocean with all the other fishies.

*: He heauens [[himself]]e on earth, & for a [[little|litle]] pelfe cousens [[himself]]e of [[bliss]]e.

*: They [[[w:Lord Byron|Byron]]s Tales]...enraptured the public and heavened Murray.

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