craft, skill, hand, address, art, knack, English, faculty, facility, expertise


*: A poem is the work of the poet; poesy is his skill or craft of making.

*: Since the birth of time, throughout all ages and nations, / Has the craft of the smith been held in repute.

*: You have that crooked wisdom which is called craft.

*: The chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take him by craft, and put him to death.

: ux|en|She represented the craft of [[brewer]]s.

*: And whereas the continual Interruption of the Cour?e and Pa??age of the Fi?h up the Rivers, by the daily drawing of [[sein|Seins]] and other Fi?h-Craft, tends to prevent their Increa?e,...

: The whaling craft consists of harpoons, lances, lines, and sealskin buoys, all of their own workmanship.

*: From the mate’s boat they removed, at his direction, all whaling gear and craft except the oars and a single lance.

*: ...Temple, a negro of New Bedford, who made ‘[[whalecraft]]’, that is, was a blacksmith engaged in working from iron the special utensils or ‘craft’ of the whaling trade.

*: The men raced about decks collecting the whaling craft and gear and putting them into the boats, while all the time the lookouts hollered from above.

*: “A tight little craft,” was Austin’s invariable comment on the matron; and she looked it, always trim and trig and smooth of surface like a converted yacht cleared for action.

: ux|en|He learned his craft as an apprentice.

*: I can not skill of these thy ways.

*: to skill the arts of expressing our mind

*: What skills it, if a bag of stones or gold / About thy neck do drown thee?

*: It skills not talking of it.

*: Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out. Indeed, a nail filed sharp is not of much avail as an arrowhead; you must have it barbed, and that was a little beyond our skill.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Nor want we skill or art.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: Richard...by a thousand princely skills, gathering so much corn as if he meant not to return.

*: Well, unfortunately for you, my dearest Waggipoos, Im much more skill than you!

*: This game is skill. Remember that because its going to sound really complicated.

*: And I am skiller than you.

: ux|en|Her hands are really strong.

*: Using her hands like windshield wipers, she tried to flick snow away from her mouth. When she clawed at her chest and neck, the crumbs maddeningly slid back onto her face. She grew claustrophobic.

*: Boxer was an enormous beast, nearly eighteen hands high, and as strong as any two ordinary horses put together.

*: On this hand and that hand, were hangings.

*: I maintain, however, on the one hand, that there are few occasions upon which large bodies of men, such as politics is concerned with, can rise above selfishness, while, on the other hand, there are a very great many circumstances in which populations will fall below selfishness, if selfishness is interpreted as enlightened self-interest.

*: The Bat—they called him the Bat.nb.... Hed never been in stir, the bulls had never mugged him, he didnt run with a mob, he played a lone hand, and fenced his stuff so that even the fence couldnt swear he knew his face.

: ux|en|an old hand at speaking;  large farms need many farm hands

: ux|en|Bob gave Alice a hand to move the furniture.

: ux|en|a good hand

: ux|en|Given under my Hand and Seal of the State this 1st Day of January, 2010.

: ux|en|in safe hands;  in good hands;  nowrap|He lost his job when the factory changed hands.nowrap|With the business back in the founders hands, there is new hope for the company.nowrap|With John in charge of the project, its in good hands.

*: Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among usnb...

: ux|en|Give him a hand.

*: Also a big hand for Silver Linings Playbook, an exuberant modern screwball comedy we had, in an unseemly fit of cynicism, deemed "too entertaining" for Academy voters.

: ux|en|This fabric has a smooth, soft hand.

*: Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt save Israel by my hand.

: ux|en|to buy at first hand (from the producer, or when new);  nowrap|to buy at second hand (when no longer in the producer’s hand, or when not new);nowrap|Its not a rumor. I heard it at first hand.

: ux|en|He handed them the letter.   She handed responsibility over to her deputy.

: ux|en|to hand a lady into a carriage

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|Totten

*: Mr. Gregson, who had listened to this address with considerable impatience, could contain himself no longer.

: ux|en|a man of pleasing or insinuating address

*: At their turning-lathes, they employ their toes to guide the chisel; and, in these pedipulations, shew to Europeans a diverting degree of address.

: ux|en|the Presidents address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C.

: ux|en|I went to his address but there was nobody there

: ux|en|The program will crash if there is no valid data stored at that address.

*: Let us address to tend on Hectors heels.

*: Young Turnus to the beauteous maid addrest.

*: And this good knight his way with me addrest.

*: His foe was soon addressed.

*: Turnus addressed his men to single fight.

*: The five foolish virgins addressed themselves at the noise of the bridegrooms coming.

*: These men addressed themselves to the task.

*: ... good heavens! dumplings for supper! One young fellow in a green box coat, addressed himself to these dumplings in a most direful manner.

*: Tecla ... addressed herself in mans apparel.

*: The young hero had addressed his players to him for his assistance.

: ux|en|He addressed some portions of his remarks to his supporters, some to his opponents.

*: Are not your orders to address the senate?

*: The representatives of the nation addressed the king.

: ux|en|He addressed a letter.

: ux|en|The ship was addressed to a merchant in Baltimore.

: ux|en|There is a debate as to whether graffiti is art or vandalism.

: ux|en|Shes mastered the art of programming.

: ux|en|Hes at university to study art.

: ux|en|Her photographs are nice, but theres no art in them.

: ux|en|Sotherbys regularly auctions art for millions.

: ux|en|Im a great supporter of the arts.

*: A physician was immediately sent for; but on the first moment of beholding the corpse, he declared that Elviras recovery was beyond the power of art.

: How great thou art!

*: The sophist runs for conver to the darkness of what is not and attaches himself to it by some knack of his;

: rfquotek|Bishop Hall

: rfquotek|Halliwell

: ux|en|Those immigrants Anglicised their names to make them sound more English.

: ux|en|an English ton

: The Scottish and the English have a history of conflict.

: English is spoken here as an unofficial language and lingua franca.

: How do you say ‘à peu près’ in English?

: My coworker has pretty good English for a non-native speaker.

: Whats the English for ‘à peu près’?

: The technical details are correct, but the English is not very clear.

*: I began to write stories using all the Englishes I grew up with: the English I spoke to my mother, which for lack of a better term might be described as “simple”; the English she used with me, which for lack of a better term might be described as “broken”; my translation of her Chinese, which could certainly be described as “watered down”; and what I imagined to be her translation of her Chinese if she could speak in perfect English, her internal language, and for that I sought to preserve the essence, but neither an English nor a Chinese structure.

: Put more English on the ball.

*: ...severe prohibuit viris suis tum misceri feminas in consuetis suis menstruis, etc. I spare to English this which I have said.

*: I have used the notion of games so far as if it were familiar to most people. I think this is justified as everyone knows how to play some games. Accordingly, games serve admirably as models for the clarification of other, less well-understood, social-psychological phenomena. Yet the ability to follow rules, play games, and construct new games is a faculty not equally shared by all persons. [...]

: He lived until he reached the age of 90 with most of his faculties intact.

*: Clytomachus affirmed, that he could never understand by the writings of Carneades, what opinion he was of. Why hath Epicurus interdicted facility unto his Sectaries?

: The facility she shows in playing the violin is unrivalled.

: Transport facilities in Bangkok are not sufficient to prevent frequent traffic collapses during rush hour.

: The scientist has expertise in the field of nuclear fusion.

*: He spoke of Scotlands hydroelectric projects in Africa, local expertise shared with the worlds poor.

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