throw down the gauntlet, gage


: 1730 We might as well dispute with [[w:Dymoke|Dimock]] on a Coronation Day, as argue with these Writers. They strut, vapour, throw down the Gauntlet, and defy us to take it up Caleb d Anvers [Nicholas Amhurst], The Craftsman vol. 7, [https://books.google.ch/books?id=1QNZAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA91 p. 91].

*: The hands were defended by [[gauntlet|Gauntlets]], these were sometimes of chain [[mail]], but oftener of small plates of iron [[rivet]]ted together, in imitation of the [[lobster]]s tail, so as to yield every motion of the hand, some [[gauntlet]]s [[inclose]]d the whole hand, as in a box or case, others were divided into [[finger]]s, each finger consisting of eight or ten separate pieces, the inside [[glove]]d with [[buff]] [[leather]], some of these reached no higher than the [[wrist]], others to the [[elbow]]; the latter were [[stile]]d long armed [[gauntlet]]s: many of them are to be seen in the Tower; for a representation of one of them, see plate 26, fig 6.

*: A moiety competent / Was gaged by our king.

*: This feast, Ill gage my life, / Is but a plot to train you to your ruin.

*: Great debts / Wherein my time, sometimes too prodigal, / Hath left me gaged.

*: “But it is enough that I challenge the trial by combat — there lies my gage.” She took her embroidered glove from her hand, and flung it down before the Grand Master with an air of mingled simplicity and dignity…

*: The gage was down for a duel that would split the Democratic party and ensure the election of a Republican president in 1860.

*: [I]t seemed to create a sort of material link between the Princess and himself, and at the end of three months it almost appeared to him, not that the exquisite book was an intended present from his own hand, but that it had been placed in that hand by the most remarkable woman in Europe.... [T]he superior piece of work he had done after seeing her last, in the immediate heat of his emotion, turned into a kind of proof and gage, as if a ghost, in vanishing from sight, had left a palpable relic.

suositut haut
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