smooch, kiss


: They smooched in the doorway.

*: He...kissed her lips with such a clamorous smack, / That at the parting all the church echoed.

*: But then I had the [massive] flintlock by me for protection. ¶...The linen-press and a chest on the top of it formed, however, a very good gun-carriage; and, thus mounted, aim could be taken out of the windownb..., and a bead could be drawn upon Molly, the dairymaid, kissing the fogger behind the hedge, little dreaming that the deadly tube was levelled at them.

: ux|en|The nearside of the car just kissed a parked truck as he took the corner nowrap|at high speed.nowrap|His ball kissed the black into the corner pocket.

*: Like fire and powder, / Which as they kiss consume.

*: Rose, rose and clematis, / Trail and twine and clasp and kiss.

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