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jet, spout, mine, shower, douche, squirt, plume


: rfquotek|Knight

*: He jets under his advanced plumes.

*: to jet upon a princes right

: rfquotek|Wiseman

: jet airplane

: color panel|3E3E3E

*: She was an ash blonde with greenish eyes, beaded lashes, hair waved smoothly back from ears in which large jet buttons glittered.

: I dropped my china teapot, and its spout has broken.

: Water spouts from a hole.

: The whale spouted.

*: The mighty whale ... spouts the tide.

*: Pray, spout some French, son.

: to spout a watch

: ux|en|The house itself is mine, but the land is not.

: ux|en|Mine has been a long journey.

: ux|en|Mine for only a week so far, it already feels like an old friend.

*: ... Flesh and blood, / You, brother mine, that entertaind ambition, / ...

*: Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord: / ...

: This diamond comes from a mine in South Africa.

: He came out of the coal mine with a face covered in black.

: Most coal and ore comes from open-pit mines nowadays.

: His left leg was blown off after he stepped on a mine.

: The warship was destroyed by floating mines.

: Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only place in the world where visitors can mine their own diamonds.

*: Lead veins have been traced ... but they have not been mined.

: We had to slow our advance after the enemy mined the road ahead of us.

: the mining cony

*: They mined the walls.

*: Too lazy to cut down these immense trees, the spoilers ... had mined them, and placed a quantity of gunpowder in the cavity.

: ux|en|Today there will be frequent showers and some sunny spells.

: ux|en|I?m going to have a shower. qualifier|UK|Australia

: ux|en|I?m going to take a shower. qualifier|especially US

: ux|en|a shower of sparks;  a meteor shower;  a Gatorade shower

: ux|en|Would male strippers be appropriate for the divorce shower?

: ux|en|Her church group has planned an adoption shower.

: ux|en|The shower will be held at the home of the bridesmaid.

: ux|en|Her friends are throwing her a shower after her mom leaves.

*: With this I maye be sure to come sauf / and goo sauf / and that the quene shal haue her lyberte as she had before / and neuer for no thynge that hath ben surmysed afore this tyme / she neuer fro this day stande in no peryll / for els sayd sir launcelot I dare auenture me to kepe her from an harder shoure than euer I kepte her

*: ux|en|You all behaved like a shower, now you are to be treated like a shower

*: It was one of the worst feelings in the H-Block, one of the worst experiences to sit and listen to somebody getting beat. Because you were totally powerless, and you would always get somebody shouting at the door, “You shower of bastards!” It was always a crowd of screws and one or two naked men in a cell. They had total control.

*: The individual in the army becomes used to holding human life in contempt, in fact the greater the slaughter, the greater is his merit; and the more medals, ribbons, and honors of hero-worship are showered on him, the more he becomes, after a time, indifferent to all sorts of human suffering and loss of human life.

*: Chances are you?ll get a squirt of citrus juice in your eye.

*: As the connection was broken, the receiver let out a shrill squirt of static.

*: He was still there when I came up, a squirt with his hat over one eye and a camera hung round his neck and a grin on his squirt face. I thought maybe I had seen him around town, but maybe not, the squirts look so much alike when they grind them out of journalism school.

: Hey squirt! Where you been?

*: Hurd returns with Mal, Mr. Eph, and Gumbo, the “town squirt” of twelve, and the boys? activities come out.

*: How the child managed to converse and fold at the same time was a marvel, yet the shirt lay in a tidy rectangle by the time she came up for air.

*: “Thanks, squirt.” He winked at her and she giggled.

: The toothpaste squirted from the tube.

*: His servants would stab a child in the jugular vein, and let the blood squirt over him.

*: The hard-featured miscreant coolly rolled his tobacco in his cheek, and squirted the juice into the fire grate.

*: It can squirt this poison in jets up to a distance of one metre and usually aims at the eyes of its victim.

*: When administering the medication, the RN should place the syringe tip along the side of the mouth and slowly squirt the medicine toward the buccal vestibule, not toward the throat.

*: Use a dropper and squirt the desired amount in the side of the child?s mouth.

*: Ask the child to squirt the target with water.

: rfquotek|LEstrange

*: Women who squirt rhapsodize about the experience, reporting that it elicits feelings of empowerment and a deeper connection to their own bodies.

*: wings ... of many a coloured plume

*: his high plume, that nodded oer his head

*: ambitious to win from me some plume

*: pluming her wings among the breezy bowers

: He plumes himself on his skill.

: rfquotek|South

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: rfquotek|Dryden

*: Farewell the plumed troop.

: Smoke plumed from his pipe then slowly settled towards the floor.

*: We mention this observation, not with any view of pretending to account for so odd a behaviour, but lest some critic should hereafter plume himself on discovering it.

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