sweeten, war, warfare


: to sweeten tea

: to sweeten life

: to sweeten friendship

: to sweeten the temper

: to sweeten the cares of life

*: And sweeten every secret tear.

*: Correggio has made his memory immortal by the strength he has given to his figures, and by sweetening his lights and shadows, and melting them into each other.

: to sweeten rooms or apartments that have been infected

: to sweeten the air

: to dry and sweeten soils

: to sweeten water, butter, or meat

: to [[sweeten the deal

*: Nobody can deny that war is a profitable business for those who like that kind of money. War is an orgy of money, just as it is an orgy of blood.

*: Germany declared war on France, who reciprocated, on August 3 [1939], and England declared war on Germany on August 4, when Belgium was already under invasion.

: ux|en|The war was largely between Sunni and Shia militants.

*: All human tribes glad token see

*: In the close of the wars of w|Ulysses S. Grant|Grant and w|Robert E. Lee|Lee.

*: A second challenge will be to implement, with our allies, a plan of stability in the Balkans, so that the regions bitter ethnic problems can no longer be exploited by dictators and Americans do not have to cross the Atlantic again to fight in another war.

: ux|en|You look like youve been through the wars.

: The "war on drugs" is a campaign against the use of narcotic drugs.

: The "war on terror" is a campaign against terrorist crime.

: In the US, conservatives rail against the "war on Christmas".

: I reaped the benefit of the car dealerships price war, getting my car for far less than its worth.

: The cellular phone companies were engaged in a freebie war, each offering various services thrown in when one purchased a plan.

*: His complement of stores, and total war.

*: On their embattled ranks the waves return, / And overwhelm their war.

*: We played crazy eights, war, fifty-two card pickup. Rudy flipped the whole deck across the table at me and the cards sailed to the floor, kings, queens, deuces.

*: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more . . .

*: Be copy now to men of grosser blood,

*: And teach them how to war.

*: This vein of reflection, warring with his inner knowledge that he had been driven by fear and hatred . . ., produced an exhausting whirl in his thoughts.

: To war the Scot, and borders to defend. — Daniel.

: That thou ... mightest war a good warfare. — Tim. i. 18.

*: The Philistines gathered their armies together for warfare, to fight with Israel.

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