tie, knot


: rfquotek|Young

: Its two outs in the bottom of the ninth, tie score.

: the sacred ties of friendship or of duty; the ties of allegiance

*: No distance breaks the tie of blood.

*: The film ends with the colorful deaths of Nicos enemies after he thwarts their attempts to assassinate a U.S. Senator investigating ties between drug dealers and the CIA.

: Ties work to maintain structural integrity in windstorms and earthquakes.

: The FA Cup third round tie between Liverpool and Cardiff was their first meeting in the competition since 1957.

: Tie this rope in a knot for me, please.

: Tie the rope to this tree.

: Tie a knot in this rope for me, please.

: Tie him to the tree.

*: In bond of virtuous love together tied.

: Tie your shoes.

*: Not tied to rules of policy, you find / Revenge less sweet than a forgiving mind.

: They tied for third place.

: They tied the game.

: He tied me for third place.

: Climbers must make sure that all knots are both secure and of types that will not weaken the rope.

: The nurse was brushing knots from the protesting childs hair.

*: Flowers worthy of paradise, which, not nice art / In beds and curious knots, but nature boon / Poured forth profuse on hill, and dale, and plain.

: A knot can be defined as a non-self-intersecting broken line whose endpoints coincide: when such a knot is constrained to lie in a plane, then it is simply a polygon.

:     A knot in its original sense can be modeled as a mathematical knot (or link) as follows: if the knot is made with a single piece of rope, then abstract the shape of that rope and then extend the working end to merge it with the standing end, yielding a mathematical knot. If the knot is attached to a metal ring, then that metal ring can be modeled as a trivial knot and the pair of knots become a link. If more than one mathematical knot (or link) can be thus obtained, then the simplest one (avoiding detours) is probably the one which one would want.

: I got into a knot when I inadvertently insulted a policeman.

*: A man shall be perplexed with knots, and problems of business, and contrary affairs.

: When preparing to tell stories at a campfire, I like to set aside a pile of pine logs with lots of knots, since they burn brighter and make dramatic pops and cracks.

: Jeremy had a knot on his head where he had bumped it on the bedframe.

*: With lips serenely placid, felt the knot / Climb in her throat.

: the knot of the tale

*: his ancient knot of dangerous adversaries

*: As they sat together in small, separate knots, they discussed doctrinal and metaphysical points of belief.

*: He pushed through knots of whalemen grouped with their families and friends, and surrounded by piles of luggage.

*: with nuptial knot

*: ere we knit the knot that can never be loosed

: Cedric claimed his old yacht could make 12 knots.

: We knotted the ends of the rope to keep it from unravelling.

*: as tight as I could knot the noose

: She knotted her brow in concentration while attempting to unravel the tangled strands.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

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