layout, ranking, investment, placement, plight


: As the ranking officer, Sergeant Taylor took charge of the investigation.

*: Eldred Pottinger was now the ranking political officer and had negotiated — at the insistence of the armys officers—an unmolested passage to Jalalabad.

*: An investment in ink, paper, and steel pens.

*: Whose white investments figure innocence.

*: The capitulation was signed by the commander of the fort within six days after its investments.

: It seems to me that the placement of that post could be better.

: The agency does not guarantee placement, but they work on commission.

: ux|en|rank treason;  rank nonsense

: ux|en|rank grass;  rank weeds

*: And, behold, seven ears of corn came up upon one stalk, rank and good.

*: The moon had spread over everything a thin layer of silver—over the rank grass, over the mud, upon the wall of matted vegetation standing higher than the wall of a temple ...

: ux|en|rank land

: rfquotek|Mortimer

: ux|en|Your gym clothes are rank, bro – whend you last wash em?

*: Divers sea fowls taste rank of the fish on which they feed.

: ux|en|I am a rank amateur as a wordsmith.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: The seely man seeing him ryde so rancke, / And ayme at him, fell flat to ground for feare [...].

*: That rides so rank and bends his lance so fell.

: The front rank kneeled to reload while the second rank fired over their heads.

: Based on your test scores, you have a rank of 23.

: The fancy hotel was of the first rank.

: Private First Class (PFC) is the lowest rank in the Marines.

: He rose up through the ranks of the company from mailroom clerk to CEO.

: Phylum is the taxonomic rank below kingdom and above class.

: Their defense ranked third in the league.

*: Ranking all things under general and special heads.

*: Poets were ranked in the class of philosophers.

*: Heresy is ranked with idolatry and witchcraft.

*: Though we say we are quite clear about it and understand when someone uses the expression, unlike that other expression, maybe were in the same plight with regard to them both.

*: although hee live in as good plight and health as may be, yet he chafeth, he scoldeth, he brawleth, he fighteth, he sweareth, and biteth, as the most boistrous and tempestuous master of Francenb....

*: All wayes shee sought him to restore to plight, / With herbs, with charms, with counsel, and with tearesnb....

*: that lord whose hand must take my plight

*: I ask what I have done to deserve it, one daughter hobnobbing with radicals and the other planning to plight herself to a criminal.

*: A plighted garment of divers colors.

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