: ux|en|Officially its a dry-cleaning shop, but everyone knows its a front for the mafia.

: ux|en|He says he likes hip-hop, but I think its just a front.

: ux|en|You dont need to put on a front. Just be yourself.

*: with smiling fronts encountering

*: The inhabitants showed a bold front.

*: like any plain Miss Smiths, who wears a front

*: the very head and front of my offending

*: summers front

*: Blessd with his fathers front, his mothers tongue.

*: Grim-visaged war hath smoothed his wrinkled front.

*: His front yet threatens, and his frowns command.

: The front runner was thirty meters ahead of her nearest competitor.

*: The great gate fronting to the north was about four feet high, and almost two feet wide, through which I could easily creep.

*: The door fronted on a narrow run, like a footbridge over a gully, that filled the gap between the house wall and the edge of the bank.

*: They emerged atop the broad curving steps that fronted on the Street of the Sisters, near the foot of Visenyas Hill.

*: The palazzo has always fronted on a bus stop—but this putative man of the people has kindly put an end to that public service.

*: After saluting her, he led her to a couch that fronted us, where they both sat down, and the young Genoese helped her to a glass of wine, with some Naples biscuit on a salver.

*: ...down they ran into the dining-room, which fronted the lane, in quest of this wonder; it was two ladies stopping in a low phaeton at the garden gate.

*: She sat on a seat under the alders in the cricket ground, and fronted the evening.

*: those that have willed to attaine to some greater excellence, have not beene content, at home, and at rest to expect the rigors of fortunenb...; but have rather gone to meet and front her before, and witting-earnestly cast themselves to the triall of the hardest difficulties.

*: What well-appointed leader fronts us here?

*: Three tiers of balconies fronted with roped columns supporting arched openings looked down on the marble hall.

*: The velar plosives are often fronted through the influence of a following front vowel, and retracted through the influence of a following back vowel.

*: Everybody knew Skopas fronted for the fight mob even though he was officially the arena manager.

*: Ray Winstone is fronting a campaign for the Football Association that aims to stop pushy parents shouting abuse at their children during the grassroots football season.

*: Im prepared to say that I fronted you the money for a business deal with me, and the investment paid off brilliantly.

*: Boy dont try to front, / I-I know just-just what you are, are-are.

*: You know damned straight what this is about, or you aint as smart as you been frontin.

*: You think that you can front when [[Revelation|revelation]] comes? / You cant front on that

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