row, altercation, quarrel, argument, word, fray, contest, wrangle, tangle, hassle


*: And there were windows in three rows.

*: The bright seraphim in burning row.

: to row the captain ashore in his barge

: The boat rows easily.

: ux|en|Whos making that row?

*: "What the hell is it to you who are my friends?" roared McMurdo in a voice which brought every head in the carriage round to witness the altercation.

: We got into a silly quarrel about what food to order.

: A few customers in the shop had some quarrels with us, so we called for the manager.

: rfquotek|Holland

*: Beasts called sociable quarrel in hunger and lust.

: to quarrel with ones lot

*: I will not quarrel with a slight mistake.

*: I had quarrelled my brother purposely.

*: Twanged the string, out flew the quarrel long, / And through the subtle air did singing pass.

*: to shoot with arrows and quarrel

*: two arblasts,...with windlaces and quarrels

*: The small cross-bow, called the arbalet or arbalest, is said to have been invented by the Sicilians. It was carried by the foot-soldiers, and when used was charged with a quarrel or bar-bolt, that is, a small arrow with a flat head, one of which occasioned the death of Harold at the battle of Hastings,nb....

*: Satin scooped up his crossbow and sent a few quarrels after them as they ran, to see them off the faster.

*: There is ... no more palpable and convincing argument of the existence of a Deity.

*: The argument is not about things, but names.

*: In ‘The Critic of Arguments’ (1892), Peirce adopts a notion that is even closer to that of a propositional function. There he develops the concept of the ‘rhema’. He says the rhema is like a relative term, but it is not a term. It contains a copula, that is, when joined to the correct number of [[argument]]s it produces an assertion. For example, ‘__ is bought by __ from __ for __’ is a four-place rhema. Applying it to four objects a, b, c, and d produces the assertion that a is bought by b from c for d (ibid. 420).

: Parameters are like labeled fillable blanks used to define a function whereas arguments are passed to a function when calling it, filling in those blanks.

*: In numerous works over the past two decades, beginning with the pioneering work of Gruber (1965), Fillmore (1968a), and Jackendoff (1972), it has been argued that each Argument (i.e. Subject or Complement) of a Predicate bears a particular thematic role (alias theta-role, or θ-role to its Predicate), and that the set of thematic functions which Arguments can fulfil are drawn from a highly restricted, finite, universal set.

: The altitude is the argument of the refraction.

*: You and love are still my argument.

*: the abstract or argument of the piece

*: [shields] with boastful argument portrayed

*: Sheathed their swords for lack of argument.

*: The word, whether written or spoken, does not look like or sound like its meaning — it does not resemble its signified. We only connect the two because we have learnt the code — language. Without such knowledge, Maggie would just be a meaningless pattern of shapes or sounds.

*: Brian and Abby signed the word clothing, in which the thumbs brush down the chest as though something is hanging there. They both spoke the word clothing. Brian then signed the word for change, ...

*: Then all was silent save the voice of the high priest, whose words grew louder and louder, ...

*: Polonius: What do you read, my lord?

*: Hamlet: Words, words, words.

*: The name was a confused gift of love from her father, who could not read the word but picked it out of the Bible for its visual shape, ...

*: Well-meaning academics even introduced spelling absurdities such as the “s” in the word “island,” a misguided Renaissance attempt to restore the etymology of the [unrelated] Latin word insula.

*: “Ain’t! How often am I to tell you ain’t ain’t a word?”

*: Fisherwoman isn’t even a word. It’s not in the dictionary.

*: In still another variation, the nonsense word is presented and the teacher asks, "What sound was in the beginning of the word?" "In the middle?" and so on. The child should always respond with the phoneme; he should not use letter labels.

*: I wrote a nonsense word, "umbalooie," in the Input Panels Writing Pad. Input Panel converted it to "cembalos" and displayed it in the Text Preview pane.

*: Here the scribe has dropped the ?? from ?????????, thereby creating the nonsense word ???????.

*: If M. V. has sustained impairment to a phonological output process common to reading and repetition, we might anticipate that her mispronunciations will partially reflect the underlying phonemic form of the nonsense word.

*: ... she believed them still so very much attached to each other, that they could not be too sedulously divided in word and deed on every occasion.

*: As they fell apart against Austria, England badly needed someone capable of leading by word and example.

*: And Peter remembered the word of Jesus, which said unto him, Before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.

*: She said; but at the happy word "he lives", / My father stooped, re-fathered, oer my wound.

*: There is only one other point on which I offer a word of remark.

*: "The Kaiser laid down his arms at a quarter to twelve. In me, however, they have an opponent who ceases fighting only at five minutes past twelve," said Hitler some time ago. He has never spoken a truer word.

*: Despite appearances to the contrary [...] dragomans stuck rigidly to their brief, which was not to translate the Sultans words, but his word.

*: Our ancient word of courage, fair Saint George, inspire us with the spleen of fiery dragons!

*: I have the word : sentinel, do thou stand; ...

: [[mums the word|mums the word]]

*: Among all other was wrytten in her trone / In golde letters, this worde, whiche I dyde rede: / Garder le fortune que est [[mal|mauelz]] et [[bon|bone]].

*: Let the word be Not without mustard. Your crest is very rare, sir.

*: The old word is, What the eye views not, the heart rues not.

*: Word had gone round during the day that old Major, the prize Middle White boar, had had a strange dream on the previous night and wished to communicate it to the other animals.

: ux|en|Have you had any word from John yet?

: ux|en|He sent word that we should strike camp before winter.

: Dont fire till I give the word

: Their mothers word was law.

: ux|en|I give you my word that I will be there on time.

: ux|en|Can I have a word with you?

: ux|en|There had been words between him and the secretary about the outcome of the meeting.

: ux|en|Her parents had lived in Botswana, spreading the word among the tribespeople.

*: And that worde was made flesshe, and dwelt amonge vs, and we sawe the glory off yt, as the glory off the only begotten sonne off the father, which worde was full of grace, and verite.

: I’m not sure how to word this letter to the council.

*: He words me, girls, he words me, that I should not / be noble to myself.

*: ... if one were to be worded to death, Italian is the fittest Language [for that task]

*: ... if a man were to be worded to death, or stoned to death by words, the High-Dutch were the fittest [language for that task].

*: Against him ... who could word heaven and earth out of nothing, and can when he pleases word them into nothing again.

*: "Postcolonialism" might well be another linguistic construct, desperately begging for a referent that will never show up, simply because it never existed on its own and was literally worded into existence by the very term that pretends to be born from it.

*: The being of each person is worded into existence in the Word, ...

*: Thus wording timidly among the fierce: / O Father, I am here the simplest voice, [...]

*: "... Know what Im sayin?" / "Word!" the other man strongly agreed. "Lets do this — "

*: "... Not bad at all, man. Worth da wait, dawg. Word." / "You liked it?" I asked dumbly, stoned still, and feeling victorious. / "Yeah, man," said Oral B. "Word up. ..."

*: "... I mean, I dont blame you... Word! ..."

: Though they did not know the reason for the dispute, they did not hesitate to leap into the fray.

*: Who began this bloody fray?

: The ribbon frayed at the cut end.

: The stressful day ended in frayed nerves. (Metaphorical use; nerves are visualised as strings)

*: And the carcases of this people shall be meat for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth; and none shall fray them away.

*: "Besides, all the wit and Philosophy in the world can never demonstrate, that the killing and slaughtering of a Beast is anymore then the striking of a Bush where a Birds Nest is, where you fray away the Bird, and then seize upon the empty Nest."

*: What frays ye, that were wont to comfort me affrayed?

: rfquotek|I. Taylor

*: The charge of my most curious and costly ingredients frayed, I shall acknowledge myself amply satisfied.

*: We can show the marks he made / When gainst the oak his antlers frayed.

: no contest

: The child entered the spelling contest.

: I will contest for the open seat on the board.

*: Of man, who dares in pomp with Jove contest?

*: The difficulty of an argument adds to the pleasure of contesting with it, when there are hopes of victory.

: The rival contested the dictators re-election because of claims of voting irregularities.

*: Few philosophical aphorisms have been more frequently repeated, few more contested than this.

: The troops contested every inch of ground.

*: For a score of kingdoms you should wrangle.

*: He did not know what it was to wrangle on indifferent points.

*: When we have wrangled ourselves as long as our wits and strengths will serve us, the honest, downright sober English Protestant will be found in the end the man that walketh in the safest way, and by the surest line.

: I dont know how, but she managed to wrangle us four front row seats at tonights game.

: Her hair was tangled from a day in the wind.

: Dont tangle with someone three times your size.

: He tangled with the law.

*: Tangled in amorous nets.

*: When my simple weakness strays, / Tangled in forbidden ways.

: ux|en|I tried to sort through this tangle and got nowhere.

*: Than if with thee the roaring wells / Should gulf him fathom-deep in brine; / And hands so often clasped in mine, / Should toss with tangle and with shells.

: I went through a lot of hassle to be the first to get a ticket.

: The unlucky boy was hassled by a gang of troublemakers on his way home.

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