fall, drop, spill


*: “Im through with all pawn-games,” I laughed. “Come, let us have a game of lansquenet. Either I will take a farewell fall out of you or you will have your sevenfold revenge”.

: ux|en|the fall of Rome

: ux|en|He set up his rival to take the fall.

: ux|en|Thrown from a cliff, the stone fell 100 feet before hitting the ground.

*: There was a neat hat-and-umbrella stand, and the strangers weary feet fell soft on a good, serviceable dark-red drugget, which matched in colour the flock-paper on the walls.

: ux|en|The rain fell at dawn.

*: Her eyes fell on the table, and she advanced into the room wiping her hands on her apron.

: ux|en|He fell to the floor and begged for mercy.

*: For every tear he falls, a Trojan bleeds.

: ux|en|to fall the voice

: ux|en|to fall a tree

: ux|en|She has fallen ill.  nowrap|The children fell asleep in the back of the car.nowrap|When did you first fall in love?

*: At length they stood at the corner from which they had begun, and it had fallen quite dark, and they were no wiser.

: ux|en|Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday.  nowrap|Last year, Commencement fell on June 3.

: ux|en|Rome fell to the Goths in 410 AD.

: ux|en|This is a monument to all those who fell in the First World War.

: ux|en|The candidates poll ratings fell abruptly after the banking scandal.

*: The greatness of these Irish lords suddenly fell and vanished.

*: Towards the following morning, the thermometer fell to 5°; and at daylight, there was not an atom of water to be seen in any direction.

: ux|en|Our senator fell into disrepute because of the banking scandal.

: ux|en|And so it falls to me to make this important decision.  nowrap|The estate fell to his brother; the kingdom fell into the hands of his rivals.

*: If to her share some female errors fall, / Look on her face, and youll forget them all.

*: Upon lessening interest to four per cent, you fall the price of your native commodities.

: ux|en|to fall lambs

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.

: ux|en|to fall into error;  to fall into difficulties

*: Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.

*: I have observed of late thy looks are fallen.

*: The Romans fell on this model by chance.

*: Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall.

*: Primitive men...do not make laws, they fall into customs.

: ux|en|After arguing, they fell to blows.

*: They now no longer doubted, but fell to work heart and soul.

: ux|en|An unguarded expression fell from his lips.

: Put three drops of oil into the mixture.

: On one side of the road was a 50-foot drop.

: That was a long drop, but fortunately I didnt break any bones.

*: It moved in surges, like a roller coaster on a series of drops and high-banked turns.

: I left the plans at the drop, like you asked.

: [[wikipedia:The Drop (film)

: The delivery driver has to make three more drops before lunch.

: He usually enjoys a drop after dinner.

: It doesnt matter where youre from; anyone who enjoys the drop is a friend of mine.

: Yet another drop for the Tiger tight end.

: The Tiger quarterback took a one-step drop, expecting his tight end to be open.

: rfquotek|Ham. Nav. Encyc

*: The kindly dew drops from the higher tree, / And wets the little plants that lowly dwell.

*: The trees drop balsam.

*: The recording angel, as he wrote it down, dropped a tear upon the word and blotted it out forever.

: ux|en|A single shot was fired and the bird dropped from the sky.

: ux|en|Dont drop that plate!   The police ordered the men to drop their weapons.

*: The heavens ... dropped at the presence of God.

: ux|en|Drop and give me thirty push-ups, private!   If your clothes are on fire, stop, drop and roll.

*: Nothing, says Seneca, so soon reconciles us to the thoughts of our own death, as the prospect of one friend after another dropping round us.

*: Maisies faith in Mrs. Wix for instance had suffered no lapse from the fact that all communication with her had temporarily dropped.

: ux|en|The moderator would drop hints whenever the students struggled.   She would sometimes drop off to sleep straight after dinner.

*: The question was: Who put the most in the collection box? The wealthy guy, who dropped a “C” note, or the tattered old dame who parted with her last tarnished penny.

*: I forked over the $19.25. I was in no position to be dropping twenties like gumdrops but I deserved something good from this crappy morning.

: ux|en|Im tired of this subject. Will you just drop it?

*: They suddenly dropt the pursuit.

*: that astonishing ease with which fine ladies drop you and pick you up again

*: The connection had been dropped many years.

: ux|en|The stock dropped 1.5% yesterday.   We can take our vacation when the price of fuel drops.   Watch for the temperature to drop sharply, then youll know the reaction is complete.

: ux|en|Drop me a note when you get to the city.

*: [http://books.google.com/books?id=mIYAAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA562&dq=drop page 562]: ...if the first shot does not drop him, and he rushes on, the second will be a very hurried and most likely ineffectual one...

*: [http://books.google.com/books?id=mIYAAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA568&dq=dropped page 568] ...with a single shot he dropped him like a master of the art.

*: As with all other animals, a shot behind the shoulder is the most likely to drop the beast on the spot...

*: He dropped the beast with a bullet in its heart.

*: The piano players out, the music stopped / His boy had beef, and he got dropped...

*: With a quick clench of the fist on Joeys throat, Bodie dropped him. The man crumpled to the ground...

: ux|en|Make any sudden movements and I will drop you!

: ux|en|Cockneys drop their aitches.

: ux|en|Warne dropped Tendulkar on 99. Tendulkar went on to get a century next ball

: ux|en|They had never dropped acid.

: ux|en|I dropped ten pounds and an obnoxious fiancée.

: ux|en|Ive been dropped from the football team.

: ux|en|I drop knowledge wherever I go.   Yo, I drop rhymes like nobodys business.

: ux|en|They dropped "Hip-Hop Xmas" in time for the holidays.

: ux|en|That guy can drop the bass like a monster.   I love it when he drops his funky beats.

: ux|en|"Hip-Hop Xmas" dropped in time for the holidays.

: ux|en|I had to drop calculus because it was taking up too much of my time and I couldnt go anymore.

: ux|en|Drop a basket of fries.

: ux|en|Billys voice dropped suddenly when he turned 12.

: ux|en|The song, 180 beats per minute, drops to 150 BPM near the end.   My synthesizer makes the notes sound funny when they drop below C2.

: ux|en|drop by soon;   drop in on her tomorrow

: to drop a lamb

*: their waved coats dropped with gold

: I spilled some sticky juice on the kitchen floor.

: Some sticky juice spilled onto the kitchen floor.

*: He was so topful of himself, that he let it spill on all the company.

*: They [the colours] disfigure the stuff and spill the whole workmanship.

*: Spill not the morning, the quintessence of day, in recreations.

*: That thou wilt suffer innocents to spill.

*: to revenge his blood so justly spilt

: rfquotek|Spenser

: The bruise is from a bad spill he had last week.

*: Kit froze with the pipe between his teeth, the relit spill pressed to the weed within it.

: rfquotek|Ayliffe

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