absent, away, out, off, miss, clear, out of sight, at bay


*: Expecting absent friends.

: The part was rudimental or absent.

*: What is commonly called an absent man is commonly either a very weak or a very affected man.

*: If the accused refuse upon demand to pay money or deliver property (absent any excuse or excusing circumstance) which came into his hands as a bailee, such refusal might well constitute some evidence of conversion, with the requisite fraudulent intent required by the statute.

*: the Princess Caroline case [...] established that – absent a measurable ‘public interest’ in publication – she was safe from being photographed while out shopping.

*: Go; for thy stay, not free, absents thee more;

*: If after due summons any member absents himself, he is to be fined.

*: This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.

: ux|en|He went away on vacation.

*: Hi-yo Silver, away!

: ux|en|sing away

: ux|en|Youve got questions? Ask away!

: ux|en|Thats where tourists go to hear great Cuban bands and dance the night away.

: ux|en|Christmas is only two weeks away.

*: While De Anza was exploring the Bay of San Francisco, seeking a site for the presidio, the American colonists on the eastern seaboard, three thousand miles away, were celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

: The master is away from home.

: Would you pick up my mail while Im away.

: Hes miles away by now.

: Spring is still a month away.

: Next, they are playing away in Dallas.

: Two men away in the bottom of the ninth.

: Lets eat out tonight

: Leave a message with my secretary if Im out when you call.

: The moon is out.

: The sun came out after the rain, and we saw a rainbow.

: Keep out!

: The magician pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

: Switch the lights out.

: Put the fire out.

: I hadnt finished. Hear me out.

*: Deceitful men shall not live out half their days.

: The place was all decked out for the holidays.

: He threw it out the door.

: Its raining out.

: Its cold out.

: They wrote the law to give those organizations an out.

*: "Us London lawyers dont often get an out; and when we do, we like to make the most of it, you know."

*: a king outed from his country

*: The French have been outed of their holds.

: A Brazilian company outed the new mobile phone design.

*: Truth will out.

*: "Pray, is she out, or is she not? I am puzzled. She dined at the Parsonage, with the rest of you, which seemed like being out; and yet she says so little, that I can hardly suppose she is."

: Did you hear? Their newest CD is out!

: Its no big deal to be out in the entertainment business.

: ux|en|He drove off in a cloud of smoke.

: ux|en|Please switch off the light when you leave.   die off

: He bit off more than he could chew.

: Some branches were sawn off.

: All the lights are off.

: This milk is off!

: sales are off this quarter

: off to see the wizard

: And theyre off! Whatsmyname takes an early lead, with Remember The Mane behind by a nose.

: the off horse or ox in a team, in distinction from the nigh or near horse

*: So this was my future home, I thought!...Backed by towering hills, the but faintly discernible purple line of the French boundary off to the southwest, a sky of palest Gobelin flecked with fat, fleecy little clouds, it in truth looked a dear little city; the city of ones dreams.

*: He came in, took a look and squinched down into a chair in an off corner and didn’t open his mouth.

: He took an off day for fishing.  an off year in politics; the off season

: I took it off the table.; Come off the roof!

: He didnt buy it off him. He stole it off him.

: Hes off the computer, but hes still on the phone.; Keep off the grass.

: Weve been off the grid for three days now.; He took 20% off the list price.

: Were just off the main road.; The island is 23 miles off the cape.

: Hes been off his feed since Tuesday.; Hes off his meds again.

: Tantalum bar 6 off 3/8" Dia × 12" — Atom, Great Britain Atomic Energy Authority, 1972

: samples submitted … 12 off Thermistors type 1K3A531 … — BSI test report for shock and vibration testing, 2000

: Id like to re-order those printer cartridges, lets say 5-off.

: He got in the way so I had him offed.

: Can you off the light?

: He has been very obviously an untrustworthy narrator right from the off.

: I missed the target.

: I tried to kick the ball, but missed.

*: Men observe when things hit, and not when they miss.

*: Flying bullets now, / To execute his rage, appear too slow; / They miss, or sweep but common souls away.

: to miss an opportunity

*: When a man misses his great end, happiness, he will acknowledge he judged not right.

: I miss you! Come home soon!

*: What by me thou hast lost, thou least shalt miss.

*: The boy became volubly friendly and bubbling over with unexpected humour and high spirits. He tried to persuade Cicely to stay away from the ball-room for a fourth dance. Nobody would miss them, he explained.

: miss the joke

: Joe missed the meeting this morning.

: I missed the plane!

*: Amongst the angels, a whole legion / Of wicked sprites did fall from happy bliss; / What wonder then if one, of women all, did miss?

*: What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

: I think I’ll give the meeting a miss.

: You may sit here, miss.

: You may sit here, Miss Jones.

*: Gay vanity, with smiles and kisses, / Was busy mongst the maids and misses.

: rfquotek|Evelyn

: ux|en|as clear as crystal

: ux|en|The windshield was clear and clean.

: ux|en|Congress passed the President’s Clear Skies legislation.

: ux|en|The driver had mistakenly thought the intersection was clear.

: ux|en|The coast is clear.

: ux|en|clear weather;  a clear day

*: Serene, smiling, enigmatic, she faced him with no fear whatever showing in her dark eyes. The clear light of the bright autumn morning had no terrors for youth and health like hers.

: ux|en|He gave clear instructions not to bother him at work.

: ux|en|Do I make myself clear? Crystal clear.

: ux|en|Im still not quite clear on what some of these words mean.

: ux|en|a clear conscience

*: Statesman, yet friend to truth! in soul sincere, / In action faithful, and in honour clear.

: ux|en|clear of texture;   clear of odor

: ux|en|a clear intellect;  a clear head

*: Mother of science! now I feel thy power / Within me clear, not only to discern / Things in their causes, but to trace the ways / Of highest agents.

*: With a countenance as clear / As friendship wears at feasts.

*: Hark! the numbers soft and clear / Gently steal upon the ear.

: ux|en|clear sand

: ux|en|a clear complexion;  clear lumber

: ux|en|a clear profit

*: I often wished that I had clear, / For life, six hundred pounds a year.

: I threw it clear across the river to the other side.

: Stand clear of the rails, a train is coming.

*: Now clear I understand.

*: Faith, Dick, I mu?t confe?s, ?tis true // (But this is only Entre Nous) // That many knotty Points there are, // Which All di?cu?s, but Few can clear.

*: A statue lies hid in a block of marble; and the art of the statuary only clears away the superfluous matter.

: ux|en|When the road cleared we continued our journey.

*: “A tight little craft,” was Austin’s invariable comment on the matron; and she looked it, always trim and trig and smooth of surface like a converted yacht cleared for action. ¶ Near her wandered her husband, orientally bland, invariably affable,nb....

: ux|en|The court cleared the man of murder.

*: I...am sure he will clear me from partiality.

*: Wouldst thou clear rebellion?

: ux|en|The door just barely clears the table as it closes.  nowrap|The leaping horse easily cleared the hurdles.

: ux|en|After a heavy rain, the sky cleared nicely for the evening.

: ux|en|The check might not clear for a couple of days.

: ux|en|Hes been clearing seven thousand a week.

*: the profit which she cleared on the cargo

*: Be?ides, he that cleares at once will relap?e: for finding him?elfe out of ?traights, he will reuert to his cu?tomes. But hee that cleareth by degrees, induceth an habite of frugality, and gaineth as well vpon his minde, as vpon his E?tate.

: ux|en|The steamer cleared for Liverpool today.

: ux|en|to clear an array;  nowrap|to clear a single bit (binary digit) in a value

: a room ten feet square in the clear

: ux|en|Jacks really mad at you. Youd better stay out of sight nowrap|for a few days.nowrap|The notice was out of sight behind the door.

*: They burned the old gun that used to stand in the dark corner up in the garret, close to the stuffed fox that always grinned so fiercely. Perhaps the reason why he seemed in such a ghastly rage was that he did not come by his death fairly. Otherwise his pelt would not have been so perfect. And why else was he put away up there out of sight?—and so magnificent a brush as he had too.

: ux|en|With the company merger out of sight, the bankruptcy will proceed.

: ux|en|How was the party? Out of sight, man!

*: In that case the enemy himself could have occupied the defences of Corinth and held at bay all the Union troops that arrived.

*: These two books of sacred, and secular, passages for memory—will serve other good purposes besides merely occupying vacant hours: they will help to keep at bay many anxious thoughts, worrying thoughts, uncharitable thoughts, unholy thoughts.

*: For a moment my gaze traversed the landscape beneath until it was caught and held by four figures near the base of the cliff—a human figure held at bay by three hyaenodons, those ferocious and blood-thirsty wild dogs of the Eocene.

*: Instead of mounted riders following a pack of hounds, it is envisaged that just two dogs will be used to locate a stag and hold it at bay.

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