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pander, geminate, mack, pimp


*: It was not only the brilliant phalanx of virtuous dowagers, generals and academicians with whom he was most intimately associated that Swann so cynically compelled to serve him as panders.

*: Those wicked panders to avarice and ambition.

: His latest speech simply seems to pander to the worst instincts of the electorate.

*: For example, Martin (2007) notes that compounds in several languages (including English and Turkish) violate the general phonological principles in the language (e.g., English only allows geminate consonants in compounds).

: She left with him; he must be a true mack.

: The smooth-talking, tall man with heavy gold bracelets claimed he could pimp anyone.

: You pimped out that [[AC]] (air conditioner) [[freal]] (for real), [[dawg]].

*: Only an attending physician can pimp a chief resident; the chief resident and attending can pimp a junior resident; they all three can pimp an intern.

: I gotta show you this sweet website where you can pimp your blog and get more readers.

: I pimped her out of $2,000 and she paid for the entire stay at the Bahamas.

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