pappi englanniksi   cleric, minister, priest, pastor, parson


: ux|en|The minister said a prayer on behalf of the entire [[congregation]].

: ux|en|He was newly appointed to be Minister of the Interior.

*: Ministers to kings, whose eyes, ears, and hands they are, must be answerable to God and man.

*: Moses rose up, and his minister Joshua.

*: I chose / Camillo for the minister, to poison / My friend Polixenes.

: A newspaper headline: Couple leaves business world to minister to inner-city children

*: He that ministereth seed to the sower.

*: We minister to God reason to suspect us.

*: I do well believe your highness; and did it to / minister [[occasion]] to these gentlemen [...] qualifier|to give opportunity to these gentlemen

: ux|en|The priest at the Catholic church heard his confession.

: ux|en|The Shinto priest burnt incense for his ancestors.

: ux|en|The Israelite priests were descended from Moses brother Aaron.

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