palkinto englanniksi   trophy, Darwin Award, award, gratification, prize, acknowledgement, crown


: He won the trophy in a running competition.

*: Around the posts hung helmets, darts, and spears, / And captive chariots, axes, shields, and bars, / And broken beaks of ships, the trophies of their wars.

: The set of antlers which hung on the wall was his prized trophy.

: His trophies included his second wife, his successful children, the third and fourth homes in Palm Beach and Malibu, his three yachts (for the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean), his jet, and his mistresses.

*: The souvenirs which many killers retain of their victims are often described as trophies, and Norman Batess taxidermic interests derived from the real-life Ed Gein.

*: A trophy from this murder would have been of great importance.

*: The offender is also likely to mentally relive his killings, often with the help of souvenirs or trophies, such as a bracelet or a body part taken from the victim.

*: Than the kynge for grete favour made Tramtryste to be put in his doughtyrs awarde and kepying, because she was a noble surgeon.

*: The AMIEU[w|Australian Meat Industry Employees Union] first developed into a powerful organisation in the early years of the twentieth century, and after the first industry-wide collective agreement was made in 1911, collective bargaining prevailed in the industry until 1917, when the employers sought an award from the Queensland Industrial Court. The first award was issued on March 12, 1918.

*: A further 17 per cent responded that the agreement replaced ‘most’ aspects of the award, leaving the large majority (67 per cent) claiming that the agreeement replaced only ‘some’ aspects of the award.

*: Employees whose pay is set by ‘award only’ are those who have their pay set by an award, and who are not paid more than the award rate of pay.

*: To review / The wrongful sentence, and award a new.

: He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

*: His own prize, / Whom formerly he had in battle won.

*: I fought and conquered, yet have lost the prize.

*: I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: [I] do love, prize, honour you.

*: I prized your person, but your crown disdain.

*: A goodly price that I was prized at.

*: I prize it [life] not a straw, but for mine honour.

: a wedding invitations acknowledgement

: See Wikipedia article on [[w:transmission (telecommunications)|transmission]]

*: Parliament may be dissolved by the demise of the crown.

: Treasure recovered from shipwrecks automatically becomes property of the Crown.

*: Large arrears of pay were due to the civil and military servants of the crown.

*: From toe to crown hell fill our skin with pinches.

*: Twenty things which I set down: / This done, I twenty more had in my crown.

*: the steepy crown of the bare mountains

*: mutual love, the crown of all our bliss

*: [[half-a-crown|Half-a-crown]] is known as an smallcaps|[[alderman]], smallcaps|half a [[bull]], smallcaps|half a [[tusheroon]], and a smallcaps|[[madza caroon]]; [[whilst]] a [[crown]] piece, or five [[shilling]]s, may be called either a smallcaps|[[bull]], or a smallcaps|[[caroon]], or a smallcaps|[[cartwheel]], or a smallcaps|[[coachwheel]], or a smallcaps|[[thick-un]], or a smallcaps|[[tusheroon]].

: rfquotek|Totten

*: You will see the babys head crowning during contractions, at which time you must prepare to assist the mother in the delivery of the baby.

*: "His [Barack Obamas] unofficial slogan fired up and ready to go! was borrowed from an old lady in a church crown [Sunday best hat]."

: crown prince

: a crown fire

*: Her who fairest does appear, / Crown her queen of all the year.

*: Thou ... hast crowned him with glory and honour.

*: the grove that crowns yon tufted hill

*: To crown the whole, came a proposition.

: ux|en|The mother was in the second stage of labor and the fetus had just crowned, prompting a round of encouragement from the midwives.

: ux|en|“Crown me!” I said, as I moved my checker to the back row.

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