outo englanniksi   queer, outré, weird, strange, curious, peculiar, eerie, mysterious, cranky, kinky, odd, uncanny, uncouth, funny, bizarre


*: “I wish I hadn’t cried so much!” said Alice, as she swam about, trying to find her way out. “I shall be punished for it now, I suppose, by being drowned in my own tears! That will be a queer thing, to be sure! However, everything is queer to-day.”

*: One thing has struck me as a bit queer. During my two terms of office the whole Democratic press, and the morbidly honest and reformatory portion of the Republican press, thought it horrible to keep U.S. troops stationed in the Southern States, and when they were called upon to protect the lives of negroes–as much citizens under the Constitution as if their skins were white–the country was scarcely large enough to hold the sound of indignation belched forth by them for some years. Now, however, there is no hesitation about exhausting the whole power of the government to suppress a strike on the slightest intimation that danger threatens.

*: It looked queer to me to see boxes labeled "His Excellency, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America." The packages so labeled contained Bass ale or Cognac brandy, which cost "His Excellency" less than we Yankees had to pay for it. Think of the President drinking imported liquors while his soldiers were living on pop-corn and water!

*: If gender is no longer to be understood as consolidated through normative sexuality, then is there a crisis of gender that is specific to queer contexts?

*: Youre shoving the queer.

*: I was a lot more apt to queer it than help it.

*: If I go, for instance, to the history of the church in Latin America, and decide to queer the history of the Jesuitic Missions, I may find that, in many ways, the missions were more sexual than Christian.

*: Jonathan Goldberg further explores the implications of queering history in his essay in the same volume.

*: To begin with, King Lear is the most unconventional, the most nearly hysterical, the most outré and outrageous play Shakespeare ever wrote.

*: Those sweet, low tones, that seemed like a weird incantation.

*: Whiles I stood rapt in the wonder of it, came missives from the king, who all-hailed me, Thane of Cawdor; by which title, before, these weird sisters saluted me, and referred me to the coming on of time, with Hail, king that shalt be!

: There was a weird light shining above the hill.

: There are lots of weird people in this place.

: It was quite weird to bump into all my ex-girlfriends on the same day.

*: In the weird of death shall the hapless be whelmed, and from Doom’s dark prison / Shall she steal forth never again.

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

: He thought it strange that his girlfriend wore shorts in the winter.

*: Sated at length, erelong I might perceive / Strange alteration in me.

: I moved to a strange town when I was ten.

*: Here is the hand and seal of the duke; you know the character, I doubt not; and the signet is not strange to you.

*: Shes probably sitting there hoping a couple of strange detectives will drop in.

*: A strange quark is electrically charged, carrying an amount -1/3, as does the down quark.

*: one of the strange queens lords

*: I do not contemn the knowledge of strange and divers tongues.

*: She may be strange and shy at first, but will soon learn to love thee.

: rfquotek|Nathaniel Hawthorne

*: Who, loving the effect, would not be strange / In favouring the cause.

*: In thy fortunes am unlearned and strange.

: rfquotek|Glanvill

*: But departing thence, when we found no houses, we were not curious in any weather, to lie 3 or 4 nights together upon any shore under the trees by a good fire.

*: little curious in her clothes

: ux|en|Young children are naturally curious about the world and everything in it.

*: But he to shift their curious request, / Gan causen, why she could not come in placenb....

: ux|en|The [[platypus]] is a curious creature, with fur like a mammal and a beak like a bird.

*: Captain Edward Carlisle, soldier as he was, martinet as he was, felt a curious sensation of helplessness seize upon him as he met her steady gaze, her alluring smile?; he could not tell what this prisoner might do.

*: And the curious girdle of the ephod, which is upon it, shall be of the same, according to the work thereof; even of gold, of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen.

*: his body couched in a curious bed

: The sky had a peculiar appearance before the storm.

: It would be rather peculiar to see a kangaroo hopping down a city street.

*: I saw nothing peculiar in his conduct, and thought that his arrangement of the ballot box was perfect.

*: "Wasnt it peculiar," I heard mother say, "How he wouldnt talk about himself?"

*: "Peculiar?" said father. "Well, yes, in a way."

*: "Everything about him is peculiar." Mother sounded as if she was stirred up and interested. "I never saw a man quite like him before."

: Kangaroos are peculiar to Australia.

*: This philosopher found his ideas especially in all that is practical,[29] that is, which rests upon freedom, which in its turn ranks under cognitions that are the peculiar product of reason.

*: But of late years extensive Tertiary deposits of Miocene age have been discovered, showing that it is not a mere congeries of volcanoes; it [Iceland] is connected with the British Islands and with Greenland by seas less than 500 fathoms deep; and it possesses a few mammalia, one of which is peculiar, and at least three peculiar species of birds.

*: And purify unto himself a peculiar people.

*: hymns ... that Christianity hath peculiar unto itself

*: while each peculiar power forgoes his wonted seat

*: My fate is Junos most peculiar care.

*: Revenge is ... the peculiar of Heaven.

: The eerie sounds seemed to come from the [[graveyard]] after [[midnight]].

*: She began to feel eerie.

: He received a mysterious phone call this morning.

: Our boss is a mysterious man who hardly ever meets with us.

: Why he left without saying goodbye is quite mysterious.

: Stop being mysterious and just tell me what you want.

*: We had seven canoes, all of them dugouts. One was small, one was cranky, and two were old, waterlogged, and leaky. The other three were good.

: He got home from a long day at work tired and cranky.

*: Uncle Esau is as cranky as hell, and a peculiar old duck, but I think hell like a fine upstanding young man as big as you be.

: kinky hair

*: Their male customers are often identified as lonely, sleazy and into kinky sex...

*: Scars on my back were revealed from when I was whipped by a sadomasochistic ex-lover. I wondered if it bothered anyone, but it only seemed to make everyone harder than they already were. I was a kinky girl.

: ux|en|Optimistically, he had a corner of a drawer for odd socks.

: ux|en|She slept in, which was very odd.

: ux|en|but for the odd exception

*: I assure you, if I were Hazlewood I should look on his compliments, his bowings, his cloakings, his shawlings, and his handings with some little suspicion; and truly I think Hazlewood does so too at some odd times.

: ux|en|Im the odd one out.

: ux|en|Hes only worked odd jobs.

: ux|en|There were thirty-odd people in the room.

: ux|en|The product of odd numbers is also odd.

: He bore an uncanny resemblance to the dead sailor.

*: [The uncanny is] something that was long familiar to the psyche and was estranged from it only through being repressed. The link with repression now illuminates Schelling?s definition of the uncanny as ‘something that should have remained hidden and has come into the open.’ (Freud: 2003, 147 f)

*: The uncanny involves feelings of uncertainty, in particular regarding the reality of who one is and what is being experienced.

*: Because the uncanny affects and haunts everything, it is in constant transformation and cannot be pinned down.

*: In the preceding chapter, we saw that Freud linked the maternal body, death, and the afterlife with the uncanny in his famous essay "The Uncanny" ("Das Unheimliche").

*: This uncontrollable possibility—the possibility of a certain loss of control—can, perhaps, explain why the uncanny remains a marginal notion even within psychoanalysis itself.

*: Freud argued that the uncanny was particularly associated with feelings of horror aroused by the figure of the paternal castrator, neglecting the tropes of woman and animal as a source of the uncanny.

*: As is well known, Freud introduced the concept of the uncanny into psychoanalysis in 1919 and used The Sandman as a prime illustration for his definition.

*: There was a delicious sensation of mingled security and awe with which I looked down, from my giddy height, on the monsters of the deep at their uncouth gambols.

: When I went to the circus, I only found the clowns funny.

: The milk smelt funny so I poured it away.

: Ive got a funny feeling that this isnt going to work.

*: Moved in where? Sam asked Brona in confusion. What boyfriend?
Glen, Brona said quietly. You met him a while ago, remember? He only moved in last week. I was going to tell you but ... I thought you might be funny about it, thats all.

*: Everyone would be sitting on big fluffy white clouds singing songs, telling funnies and just enjoying the day.

*: His father was more likely to listen to the radio, although he would read the Sunday funnies, and his grandmother would only read the Italian language paper she picked up at the corner candy store.

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