chuck up, purge, spew, barf, puke, hurl, chunder, regurgitate, vomit, erupt


: She got ridiculously drunk last night and chucked up in the back of the minicab on the way home.

: Take it easy on the roller coasters or youre going to chuck up your lunch.

: Stalin liked to ensure that his purges were not reversible.

: rfquotek|Arbuthnot

*: Purge away our sins, for thy names sake.

*: Well join our cares to purge away / Our countrys crimes.

*: the puke saber [...] pulses light over rapidly changing wavelengths, apparently inducing "disorientation, nausea and even vomiting"

*: At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurses arms

: 1599, [[w:William Shakespeare|William Shakespeare]], [[s:The_First_Part_of_King_Henry_the_Fourth

:* Puke-stocking caddis garter

*: I was standing on the edge of the conning-tower, when a heavy palm suddenly struck me between the shoulders and hurled me forward into space. The drop to the triangular deck forward of the conning-tower might easily have broken a leg for me, or I might have slipped off onto the deck and rolled overboard; but fate was upon my side, as I was only slightly bruised.

*: Tarzan on his part never lost an opportunity to show that he fully reciprocated his foster fathers sentiments, and whenever he could safely annoy him or make faces at him or hurl insults upon him from the safety of his mothers arms, or the slender branches of the higher trees, he did so.

: The gangs hurled abuse at each other.

: Pass me the bucket; Ive got to hurl.

*: hurled or crooked feet

*: I come from a land down under where beer does flow and men chunder

*: There are plenty of winding roads, diesel fumes, crowded public transport and various less than sweet odours to get you chundering when you?re on the move in this part of the world, so take a good supply of motion sickness remedies if you know you?re susceptible to this.

*: “You might have chundered,” said Kate, laughing, “but at least you didn?t get any on yourself—sign of a true lady.”

*: Pretty soon just about everyone onboard was leaning over the rail chundering like sick dogs.

*: The truck chundered and rattled.

*: As their rented van chunders along the highway, John?s voiceover is heard, contemplating the compulsion that drives men to continue using juvenile punk monikers into their mid-thirties.

*: He taxied his plane carefully to the end of the strip and then went further on, into the rough grass. Then, with full flap and maximum throttle, he came chundering along towards us.

: The young gulls were fed by their mothers regurgitated food.

: Food may regurgitate from the stomach into the mouth.

*: The fish ... vomited out Jonah upon the dry land.

*: After about a minute, the creek bed vomited the debris into a gently sloped meadow. Saugstad felt the snow slow and tried to keep her hands in front of her.

*: Like the sons of Vulcan, vomit smoke.

*: a column of smoke, such as might be vomited by a park of artillery

*: He gives your Hollander a vomit.

: The volcano erupted, spewing lava across a wide area.

: The third molar tooth erupts late in most people, and sometimes does not appear at all.

: The crowd erupted in anger.

*: And Stamford Bridge erupted with joy as Florent Malouda slotted in a cross from Drogba, who had stayed just onside.

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