staff, stave


: ux|en|The company employed 10 new members of staff this month.

: ux|en|a constables staff

*: Methought this staff, mine office badge in court, / Was broke in twain.

*: All his officers brake their staves; but at their return new staves were delivered unto them.

*: I ascend at one [ladder] of six hundred and thirty-nine staves.

*: Cowley found out that no kind of staff is proper for an heroic poem, as being all too lyrical.

*: Let us chant a passing stave / In honour of that hero brave.

: to stave in a cask

*: Be careful in the hunt, ye mates. Don’t stave the boats needlessly, ye harpooneers; good white cedar plank is raised full three per cent within the year.

*: The condition of a servant staves him off to a distance.

: to stave off the execution of a project

*: And answered with such craft as women use, / Guilty or guilties, to stave off a chance / That breaks upon them perilously.

*: All the wine in the city has been staved.

: rfquotek|Knolles

: to stave lead, or the joints of pipes into which lead has been run

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