: Snobs feel its hard to call it wine with a straight face when the cork is made of plastic.

*: Arms draped on shoulders, kick-stepping in circles, they swing bottles of wine. Purpled thumbs cork the bottles. The wine leaps and jumps behind green glass.

: He corked his bat, which was discovered when it broke, causing a controversy.

: The vicious tackle corked his leg.

*: Injuries, which seemed to be of an inconsequential nature, were often sustained, such as a sprained ankle, a dislocated phalanx, a twisted foot, a corked leg and so on.

*: As he moved away again, William winced at an ache in his thigh.

*: ‘Must have corked my leg when I got up,’ he thought.

*: “I?m okay. I must have corked my thigh when Bruce fell onto me. I?ll be fine.”

*: Much to my relief he had only corked his leg when he had jumped.

*: I corked my thigh late in the game, which we won, and came off.

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