yum, nom


: Yum! This apple pie is delicious!

: This apple pie is yum!

*: I have already submitted a revised (in terms of format) nomination. ... In the future I will try to better organize my information (one message per nom, snip out excess spam if I post, etc.).

*: The obvious way to reduce the number of noms is to increase the standard.

*: Particularly "Mr. Fox" now that it has an Oscar nom to boast about.

*: I have a little request to make. When you kids nom, do you think you could make clear who it is youre nomming -- and maybe even include the article headers for the voters (and the judge) -- many of whom are not psychics?

*: Quite a big percentage of the anagrams posted here get nommed - IMO it should only be around 20% or so.

*: Emmy-nommed composer Robert Prince died March 4 in Los Angeles after a brief illness.[[Category:English clippings]]

: [to a baby] ux|en|You are so cute, I could just eat you right up! Nom nom nom.

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