lihaksikas englanniksi   muscular, brawny, buff, stout


*: It was an effort of the mind, of the will, of the nerves; not muscular, for I could not move even so much as my little finger, but none the less mighty for all that.

*: The arms were very long and muscular; the hands the same, as if its hold were of uncommon strength.

*: Future prime ministers may struggle to replicate the sort of muscular countrywide support that Modi was able to earn.

: Rattler was a big, brawny fellow, and he stepped up in front of me, rolling up his sleeves.quote-Fanny Hill|part=2|As he stood on one side, for a minute or so, unbuttoning his waist-coat and breeches, her fat, brawny thighs hung down

*: a suit of buff

: color panel|F0DC82

*: a visage rough, deformed, unfeatured, and a skin of buff

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: He’s a real history buff. He knows everything there is to know about the [[civil war]].

: I just picked up an epic damage buff! Lets go [[gank]] the other team!

: to strip to the buff

*: To be in buff is equivalent to being naked.

*: ... diced buff (buffalo) meat, usually heavily spiced ...

*: You will eat water buffalo meat and drink boiled water buffalo milk: buff burgers at Aunt Janes restaurant, buff mo-mos which are the Tibetan won-tons, and buff steaks at The Globe.

: The bouncer was a big, buff dude with tattoos, a shaved head, and a serious scowl.

*: The appearance of logic often derives from faulty syllogisms such as Sgt. Koons conclusion that King was an [[ex-con]] because he was "buffed out" (heavily muscled). The thinking is: "ex-cons are often buffed out; this man is buffed out; therefore, this man is an ex-con."

: ux|en|He was already buffing the cars hubs.

: The enchanter buffed the paladin to prepare him to fight the dragon.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

*: Nathless so sore a buff to him it lent / That made him reel.

*: a stouter champion never handled sword

*: He lost the character of a bold, stout, magnanimous man.

*: The lords all stand / To clear their cause, most resolutely stout.

*: Your words have been stout against me.

*: Commonly ... they that be rich are lofty and stout.

: Campers prefer stout vessels, sticks and cloth.

: Stout is darker, stronger and sweeter than porter beer.

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