*: They exchange for knives, glasses, and such toys, great abundance of gold and pearl.

*: Then seemed him his Lady by him lay, / And to him playnd, how that false winged boy, / Her chast hart had subdewd, to learne Dame pleasures toy.

*: Though they do talk with you, and seem to be otherwise employed, and to your thinking very intent and busy, still that toy runs in their mind, that fear, that suspicion, that abuse, that jealousy […].

*: To fly about playing their wanton toys.

*: What if a toy take em in the heels now, and they all run away.

*: Nor light and idle toys my lines may vainly swell.

*: It is incorrect to say that toys tag and masters piece; toys just do bad tags, bad throw-ups, and bad pieces.

*: I was a toy until I met Sear, who moved here from Toronto and showed me the book Subway Art.

*: More strange than true: I never may believe these antique fables, nor these fairy toys.

*: Having, moreover, put on her clean toy, rokelay, and scarlet plaid.

: to toy with a piece of food on ones plate

: Figo is toying with the English defence.

: I have been toying with the idea of starting my own business.

*: He could see her hand go to her slit, and soon she was toying herself along, breathing heavily.

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