lellikki englanniksi   teacher's pet, favorite, mammothrept, wanton, favourite


: As a strong and conscientious student, he was often labelled as teachers pet in school.

: That is my favorite flavor of ice cream. Id eat it daily if I could.

: The teachers favorite always went first.

: Hes the favorite, hell probably be elected.

*: O, you are a meere mammothrept in judgement, then. Why, doe you not obserue how excellently the dittie is affected in euerie place?

*: She concludes, "you better apologize." The day I apologize to you, you contumacious mammothrept, there will be two moons in the sky.

*: ‘And having seen the parents I am impatient to see this youth, the fruit of their strangely unattractive loins: will he be a wretched mammothrept?’

*: As Flies to wanton Boyes are we to th Gods, / They kill us for their sport.

*: if wenches will hang out lures for fellows, it is no matter what they suffer: I detest such creatures; and it would be much better for them that their faces had been seamed with the smallpox: but I must confess I never saw any of this wanton behaviour in poor Jenny [...].

*: I know I ought never to have dreamt of sending that valentine—forgive me, sir—it was a wanton thing which no woman with any self-respect should have done.

*: People should not marry too young, because, if they do, the children will be weak and female, the wives will become wanton, and the husbands stunted in their growth.

*: The grave simplicity of the philosopher was ill calculated to engage her wanton levity, of to fix that unbounded passion for variety, which often discovered personal merit in the meanest of mankind.

*: the market price will rise more or less above the natural price, according as either the greatness of the deficiency, or the wealth and wanton luxury of the competitors, happen to animate more or less the eagerness of the competition.

*: Edward himself, now thoroughly enlightened on her character, had no scruple in believing her capable of the utmost meanness of wanton ill-nature.

*: these developments in Gaza are a consequence of the state of siege that the tiny territory has been under – a society that has been fenced-in, starved, and seen its very fabric torn apart by unemployment and wanton military destruction.

*: But do not think it argues change of temper since I wrote the Frère review, or a wanton praise of one man and blame of another.

*: I would have thee gone — / And yet no farther than a wantons bird, / That lets it hop a little from her hand, / Like a poor prisoner in his twisted gyves, / And with a silken thread plucks it back again...

*: I am afeard you make a wanton of me.

*: Peace, my wantons; he will do / More than you can aim unto.

*: Nature here wantoned as in her prime.

*: How merrily we would sally into the fields, and strip under the first warmth of the sun, and wanton like young dace in the streams!

: The young man wantoned away his inheritance.

: This is my second favourite occupation.

: You were my favourite to win the spelling competition.

: rfquotek|Farquhar

*: the love of cronies, pets, and favourites

: His daughter was petted and spoiled.

: rfquotek|Feltham

: a pet child

: a pet theory

*: Some young ladys pet curate.

*: There was something ludicrous, even more, unbecoming a gentleman, in leaving a friends house in a pet, with the hosts reproaches sounding in his ears, to be matched only by the bitterness of the guests sneering retorts.

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