: – We want to look at the dog kennels.
– Thats the pet department, second floor.

: The town dog-catcher operates the kennel for strays.

: She raises registered Dalmatians at her kennel.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: A world of mere Patent-Digesters will soon have nothing to digest: such world ends, and by Law of Nature must end, in ‘over-population;’ in howling universal famine, ‘impossibility,’ and suicidal madness, as of endless dog-kennels run rabid.

: While were away our friends will kennel our pet poodle.

*: The dog kennelled in a hollow tree.

*: A biting wind whistled through the streets, the pavements were dotted with umbrella-laden figures, the kennels ran like mill-sluices, while the roads were only a succession of lamp-lit puddles through which the wheeled traffic splashed continuously."Soon shall the Kennels swell with rapid Streams,And rush in muddy Torrents to the Thames."JOHN GAY (1685–1732) "Trivia: Or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London" (1716). Book I

: rfquotek|Bishop Hall

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