ghostwrite, copywrite, type, keyboard, draft, ticket, author, enter, scribe, report, emblazon


: Mariana would rather not ghostwrite for a living because she finds it a thankless task.

: The president has someone to ghostwrite his addresses.

: ux|en|The pupil wrote his name on the paper.

: ux|en|Your son has been writing on the wall.

: ux|en|My uncle writes newspaper articles for The Herald.

*: Thus, when he drew up instructions in lawyer languagenb...; his clerks, however, understood him very well. If he had written a love letter, or a farce, or a ballade, or a story, no one, either clerks, or friends, or compositors, would have understood anything but a word here and a word there.

: ux|en|(UK) Please write to me when you get there.

: ux|en|(US) Please write me when you get there.

: ux|en|The due day of the homework is written in the syllabus.

: ux|en|I write for a living.

: ux|en|The computer writes to the disk faster than it reads from it.

: ux|en|I was very anxious to know my score after I wrote the test.

: ux|en|truth written on the heart

*: He who writes himself by his own inscription is like an ill painter, who, by writing on a shapeless picture which he hath drawn, is fain to tell passengers what shape it is, which else no man could imagine.

: How many writes per second can this hard disk handle?

*: In other words, the system can do 1200 reads per second with no writes, the average write is twice as slow as the average read, and the relationship is linear.

: ux|en|This type of plane can handle rough weather more easily than that type of plane.

*: "I just peeked out toward the restaurant and there are a lot of Navy types in there. Id hate for you to get in trouble on your last night in Europe."

*: Altogether he was the type of low ruffianism — as ill-conditioned a looking brute as ever ginned a hare.

: The headline was set in bold type.

: ux|en|the type of a genus, family, etc.

: ux|en|We cant get along: hes just not my type.

: ux|en|He was exactly her type.

: The fundamental types used to express the simplest and most essential chemical relations are hydrochloric acid, water, ammonia, and methane.

*: Logics of the second and higher orders may be regarded as type-theoretic systems.

: Categorial grammar is like a combination of context-free grammar and types.

: The doctor ordered the lab to type the patient for a blood transfusion.

: rfquotek|White (Johnson)

*: Let us type them now in our own lives.

: Keyboarding is the part of this job I hate the most.

: I have to revise the first draft of my term paper.

: His first drafts were better than most authors final products.

: She took a deep draft from the bottle of water.

: He left the country to avoid the draft.

: Id rather have a fresh, cheap draft beer.

: Joe has joined the partys ticket for the county elections.

: Joe will be running on an anti-crime ticket.

: Thats the ticket.

: I saw my first bike as my ticket to freedom.

*: He constantly read his lectures twice a week for above forty years, giving notice of the time to his auditors in a ticket on the school doors.

*: Your courtier is mad to take up silks and velvets / On ticket for his mistress.

: ux|en|The copyright of any original writing belongs initially and properly to its author.

*: Eternal King; thee, Author of all being.

*: During the whole time of his abode in the university he generally spent thirteen hours of the day in study; by which assiduity besides an exact dispatch of the whole course of philosophy, he read over in a manner all classic authors that are extant...

*: The chief glory of every people arises from its authors.

: ux|en|Have you read any Corinthian authors?

*: During the whole time of his abode in the university he generally spent thirteen hours of the day in study; by which assiduity besides an exact dispatch of the whole course of philosophy, he read over in a manner all classic authors that are extant...

: ux|en|You should knock before you enter, unless you want to see me naked.

*: Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

*: In former days every tavern of repute kept such a room for its own select circle, a club, or society, of habitués, who met every evening, for a pipe and a cheerful glass....Strangers might enter the room, but they were made to feel that they were there on sufferance: they were received with distance and suspicion.

: ux|en|to enter a knife into a piece of wood;  nowrap|to enter a boy at college, a horse for a race, etc.

: ux|en|My twelve-year-old son will be entering his teens next year.  nowrap|She had planned to enter the legal profession.

: ux|en|Enter your user name and password.

*: I am pleased to notify the Congress of my intent to enter into a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Government of Singapore.

: to enter a writ, appearance, rule, or judgment

: rfquotek|Burrill

: entered according to act of Congress

*: This sword but shown to Caesar, with this tidings, / Shall enter me with him.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: thenne they ansuerd by and by that they coude not excuse the quene /.../ Allas sayd the quene I made this dyner for a good entente / and neuer for none euyl soo almyghty god me help in my ryght as I was neuer purposed to doo suche euylle dedes / and that I reporte me vnto god

: ux|en|For insurance reasons, I had to report the theft to the local police station.

: ux|en|If you do that again Ill report you to the boss.

: ux|en|Andrew Marr reports now on more in-fighting at Westminster.

: ux|en|Every newspaper reported the war.

: ux|en|The financial director reports to the CEO.

: ux|en|The committee reported the bill with amendments, or reported a new bill, or reported the results of an inquiry.

*: Baldwin, his son,...succeeded his father; so like unto him that we report the reader to the character of King Almeric, and will spare the repeating his description.

*: a church with windows only form above, that reporteth the voice thirteen times

: A report by the telecommunications ministry on the phone network revealed a severe capacity problem.

*: While their masters, the mates, seemed afraid of the sound of the hinges of their own jaws, the harpooneers chewed their food with such a relish that there was a report to it.

*: ...a pistol-shot, flash and report, came from the hedge-side.

: ux|en|The key to solving this problem is persistence.

: ux|en|the key to winning a game

*: Those who are accustomed to reason have got the true key of books.

*: who keeps the keys of all the creeds

: ux|en|The key says that A stands for the accounting department.

: ux|en|Some students cheated by using the answer key.

: ux|en|Press the Escape key.

: ux|en|the key of B-flat major

*: A girl, it is true, has always lived in a glass house among reproving relatives, whose word was law; she has been bred up to sacrifice her judgments and take the key submissively from dear papa; and it is wonderful how swiftly she can change her tune into the husbands.

*: You fall at once into a lower key.

*: if you know someone who is in the channel, you can query them and ask for the key.

: ux|en|He shoots from the top of the key.

*: So starting with ten keys of cocaine and two keys of heroin, Derrick put his plan in motion. Soon every major drug dealer and gang chief from Chicago Avenue to Evanston was in his pocket.

: ux|en|The coat of arms of Regensburg is gules two keys in saltire argent.

: ux|en|The door panel should be sanded down carefully to provide a good key for the new paint.

: He is the key player on his soccer team.

*: Lukas intimates that one of Disneys key attractions was "Main Street USA,” which "mimicked a downtown business district just as Southdale" had done.

: She makes several key points.

*: So I worked on a tissue-paper copy of the perimeter plan, outlining groupings of plants of the same species and keying them with letters for the species.

*: The volume closes with thirty pages of "Notes, critical and explanatory," in which Thomson provides seventy-six longer or shorter notes keyed to specific sections of the synopsis.

*: Talk about similarities between the words and write them below to the left of the anchor, keying them with a plus sign (+). Talk about the characteristics that set the words apart and list them below the box to the right, keying them with a tilde sign (~).

*: Indicate the comparative value of each heading by keying it with a number in pencil, in the left margin, as follows:...

: Our instructor told us to key in our user IDs.

: He keyed the car that had taken his parking spot.

*: The American Heart Association has prepared their own guide to classification and, keying it with the Standard Nomenclature of Diseases, have done much to encourage a concise yet complete diagnosis.

: rfquotek|Francis

: "the Florida Keys"

: The benefactors image is emblazoned on our memory.

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