literal, pedantic, verbatim


: The literal translation is “hands full of bananas” but it means empty-handed.

*: a middle course between the rigour of literal translation and the liberty of paraphrasts

: A literal reading of the law would prohibit it, but that is clearly not the intent.

: a literal equation

*: The literal notation of numbers was known to Europeans before the ciphers.

: I have copied his speech and here it is, verbatim.

*: …in several instances Mancini’s text is virtually reproduced verbatim by Bellori.120

*: Ironically, verbatim note taking can interfere with listening attentively.

*: Some States require voice writers to pass a test and to earn State licensure. As a substitute for State licensure, the National Verbatim Reporters Association offers three national certifications to voice writers: Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR), the Certificate of Merit (CM), and Real-Time Verbatim Reporter (RVR). Earning these certifications is sufficient to be licensed in States where the voice method of court reporting is permitted.

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