*: When ancient Greeks had a thought, it occurred to them as a god or goddess giving an order. Apollo was telling them to be brave. Athena was telling them to fall in love.

: The most frequently used name for the Islamic god is Allah.

*: whose god is their belly

: Lounging on the beach were several Greek gods.

*: Someone had said hed look a god in kilts.

*: The gods usually have several wizards, or "immortals," to assist them in building the MUD.

*: The wizzes are only the junior grade of the MUD illuminati. The people who attain the senior grade of MUD freemasonry by starting their own MUD, with all due hubris, are known as gods.

*: lang|en|And ?uch is to beare y? names of god with cro??es betwene ech name about them.

*: Golgothas ghastly trinity—

*: Three persons and one god.

*: To men the first necessity is gods; / And if the gods were not, / " Man would invent them, tho they godded stones.

*: "Godded him up" ... Its the fear of discerning journalists: Does coverage of athletic stars, on field and off, approach beatification of the living?

*: Then got he bow and fhafts of gold and lead, / In which fo fell and puiflant he grew, / That Jove himfelfe his powre began to dread, / And, taking up to heaven, him godded new.

*: The superman marks the end of a road on which we find such figures as the "godded man" of English Reformation mystics

*: "She is so lately godded that she is still a rather poor goddess, Stranger.

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