wrong, weak, bad, lame, compunction, cheap


: Some of your answers were correct, and some were wrong.

*: Among this princely heap, if any here / By false intelligence or wrong surmise / Hold me a foe ...

: Youre wrong: hes not Superman at all.

: It is wrong to lie.

: A bikini is the wrong thing to wear on a cold day.

: Something is wrong with my cellphone.

: Dont cry, honey. Tell me whats wrong.

: a wrong nose

: rfquotek|Wyclif Bible (Leviticus xxi. 19)

: I spelled several names wrong in my address book.

: Injustice is a heinous wrong.

*: Can she excuse my wrongs with Virtues cloak? Shall I call her good when she proves unkind?

: ux|en|The child was too weak to move the boulder.

: ux|en|They easily guessed his weak computer password.

*: a poor, infirm, weak, and despised old man

*: weak with hunger, mad with love

: a weak timber; a weak rope

: weak resolutions; weak virtue

*: Guard thy heart / On this weak side, where most our nature fails.

: ux|en|We were served stale bread and weak tea.

: ux|en|a weak acid;  a weak base

: ux|en|This place is weak.

*: If evil thence ensue, / She first his weak indulgence will accuse.

: The prosecution advanced a weak case.

*: convinced of his weak arguing

: a weak sentence; a weak style

*: weak prayers

: a weak market; wheat is weak at present

: a weak negative

: ux|en|You have bad credit.

: ux|en|Do you think it is a bad idea to confront him directly?

: ux|en|It is bad manners to talk with your mouth full.

: Lard is bad for you. Smoking is bad for you, too. Grapes are bad for dogs but not for humans.

: ux|en|Divorce is usually a bad experience for everybody involved.

: ux|en|Be careful. There are bad people in the world.

: ux|en|I had a bad headlight.

: ux|en|These apples have gone bad.

: ux|en|Bad breath is not pleasant for anyone.

: ux|en|He is in bad need of a haircut.

: I didnt do too bad in the last exam.

: Sorry, my bad!

: You is SIC bad, man!

*: A curious specimen of Gloucestershire dialect c»me out in an assault case heard by the Gloucester court magistrates on Saturday. One of the witnesses, speaking of what a girl was doing at the time the assault took place, said she was badding walnuts in a pigstye. The word is peculiarly provincial : to bad walnuts is to strip away the husk. The walnut, too, is often called » bannut, and hence the old Gloucestershire phrase, Come an bad the bannuts.

: a lame leg, arm or muscle

*: a lame endeavour

*: O, most lame and impotent conclusion!

: He had a really lame excuse for missing the birthday party.

: He kept telling these extremely lame jokes all night.

: I told him not to bring me flowers, so he brought a bunch of carrots instead. It was [[lame]] but it made me smile.

*: Now her soul felt lamed in itself. It was her hope that was struck.

: rfquotek|Piers PlowmanWebster 1913

*: [H]e would have had no compunction whatever in flinging him out of the highest window in Venice into the deepest water of the city.

*: I felt no compunction in doing so, for under the circumstances I felt that I should protect myself in every way I could.

*: But he felt, later, a little compunction. He had been violent, cruel with poor Hermione. He wanted to recompense her, to make it up.

*: As for average U.S. consumers, theyve shown little compunction about buying diamonds that fund bloody militias in Africa.

*: The sack that thou hast drunk me would have bought me lights as good cheap at the dearest chandlers in Europe.

*: Where there are a great sellers to a few buyers, there the thing to be sold will be cheap.

*: You grow cheap in every subjects eye.

: ux|en|Insurance is expensive, but dont be so cheap that you risk losing your home because of a fire.

: rfquotek|Milton

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