pinnacle, class, apotheosis, top, height, vertex, superlative, cap, crescendo, culmination, peak, pride, spire, zenith, climax, apex, crown, summit


*: Some renowned metropolis / With glistering spires and pinnacles around.

: rfquotek|T. Warton

: ux|en|The new Ford Fiesta is set to be best in the small family class.

: ux|en|That is one class-A heifer you got there, sonny.

: ux|en|Often used to imply membership of a large class.

: ux|en|This word has a whole class of metaphoric extensions.

: ux|en|Jane Austens works deal with class in 18th-century England.

: ux|en|Apologizing for losing your temper, even though you were badly provoked, showed real class.

: ux|en|The class was noisy, but the teacher was able to get their attention with a story.

: ux|en|I took the cooking class for enjoyment, but I also learned a lot.

: ux|en|The class of 1982 was particularly noteworthy.

: ux|en|I used to fly business class, but now my company can only afford economy.

: ux|en|Magnolias belong to the class Magnoliopsida.

: ux|en|It is the class of Italian bottled waters.

: ux|en|The class of all sets is not a set.

: ux|en|I would class this with most of the other mediocre works of the period.

: ux|en|The genus or family under which it classes. — Tatham.

*: In Rome itself the official position was clear: the apotheosis of the emperor took place only after his death; this had to be officially recognized by the Senate, and only then did the emperor become a divus with an official cult.

*: As a former mortal who underwent apotheosis, Hercules was important to the emperors.

: ux|en|The turn of the century saw the apotheosis of digital technology.

*: Thereafter, the caterpillar achieved a sort of posthumous apotheosis. From local authority to the Dorchester magistrates, from the Dorchester magistrates to a Divisional Court presided over by the Lord Chief Justice of England, from the Lord Chief Justice to the House of Lords, the immolated insect has at length plodded its methodical way to the highest tribunal in the land.

*: In his despair he had nowhere to turn. It is the very apotheosis of the place and the time.

: ux|en|The apotheosis of her career was her appointment as chairman.

*: Bear thee grimly, demigod! Up from the spray of thy ocean-perishing — straight up, leaps thy apotheosis!

: ux|en|His kite got caught at the top of the tree.

*: But then I had the [massive] flintlock by me for protection. ¶...The linen-press and a chest on the top of it formed, however, a very good gun-carriage; and, thus mounted, aim could be taken out of the window at the old mare feeding in the meadow below by the brook,nb....

: ux|en|Further weather information can be found at the top of your television screen.  nowrap|Headings appear at the tops of pages.

: ux|en|Put a top on the toothpaste tube or it will go bad.

: ux|en|I bought this top as it matches my jeans.

*: from top to toe

*: All the stored vengeance of Heaven fall / On her ungrateful top!

: ux|en|The boy was amazed at how long the top would spin.

*: to be the top of zealots

: ux|en|to be at the top of ones class, or at the top of the school

*: And wears upon his baby brow the round / And top of sovereignty.

: ux|en|I prefer being a top, and my boyfriend prefers being a bottom.

*: The top of my ambition is to contribute to that work.

: ux|en|She sang at the top of her voice.

*: He was upon the top of his marriage with Magdaleine.

: rfquotek|Knight

: rfquotek|Charles Dickens

*: ... but with only three other tables on the patio apart from myself – two three-tops and a five-top – its hard to imagine what the holdup is.

*: It is uncanny how a server can stand in front of a ten top, without the safety net of pen and paper, and remember every item ordered by each guest including salads, ...

: I like my ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.

: I dont want to be bald, so just top my hair.

: Top and tail the carrots.

: Titanic was the most successful film ever until it was topped by another Cameron film, Avatar.

*: Well, my legitimate, if this letter speed, / And my invention thrive, Edmund the base / Shall top th legitimate. I grow; I prosper ...

: Celine Dion topped the UK music charts twice in the 1990s.

*: Liverpool topped the table on Christmas Day and, after Arsenals win at West Ham earlier on Boxing Day, would have returned to the top had they been the first team to beat City at home this season.

: Depression causes many people to top themselves.

: I used to be a slave, but I ended up topping.

: Giving advice to the dominant partner on how to run the BDSM session is called "topping from the bottom".

: lofty ridges and topping mountains

: rfquotek|Derham

: topping passions

*: influenced by topping uneasiness

: rfquotek|Dryden

: to top aniline black with methyl violet to prevent greening

: ux|en|Shes in the top dance school.

: ux|en|Hes a top lawyer.

: ux|en|That is a top car.

: She came top in her French exam.

*: Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

*: During the height of Italian immigration in the United States and in New York City, gangs flourished not only because of poverty but also because of political and social corruption. Policemen and politicians were often as crooked as the gang leaders themselves.

: ux|en|Shes at the height of her career.

: ux|en|The superlative of "big" is "biggest".

: ux|en|Daniel is amazing, wonderful, fantastic, and many other superlatives I can’t think of right now!

: The children were all wearing caps to protect them from the sun.

: He took the cap of the bottle and splashed himself with some cologne.

: He had golden caps on his teeth.

: There was snow on the cap of the mountain.

: We should put a cap on the salaries, to keep them under control.

: Billy spent all morning firing caps with his friends, re-enacting storming the beach at Normandy.

: He wired the cap to the bundle of dynamite, then detonated it remotely.

*: Did he think they were going to put a cap in his ass right in the middle of Metreon?

: Rio Ferdinand won his 50th cap for England in a game against Sweden.

*: Thou art the cap of all the fools alive.

*: he that will give a cap and make a leg in thanks

: the cap of column, door, etc.; a capital, coping, cornice, lintel, or plate

: flat cap; foolscap; legal cap

: cap wages.

: That really capped my day.

: If he dont get outta my hood, Im gonna cap his ass.

: Peter Shilton is the most capped English footballer.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Tom ... capped the proctor with the profoundest of bows.

: rfquotek|Spenser

: Parasitic caps.

: Their fighting rose in a fearsome crescendo.

: Their arguing rose to a fearsome crescendo.

: The band crescendoed and then suddenly went silent.----

*: A less risky method is to lift your whisk or beater to check the condition of the peaks of the egg whites; the foam should be just stiff enough to stand up in well-defined, unwavering peaks.

: The stock market reached a peak in September 1929.

*: By last year, family income was 8 percent lower than it had been 11 years earlier, at its peak in 2000, according to inflation-adjusted numbers from the Census Bureau.

: Historians argue about when the Roman Empire began to peak and ultimately decay.

*: There peaketh up a mighty high mount.

*: Dwindle, peak, and pine.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: He took pride in his work.

: He had pride of ownership in his department.

*: A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.

*: The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.

*: Pride goeth before the fall.

*: lofty trees yclad with summers pride

*: I will cut off the pride of the Philistines.

*: a bold peasantry, their countrys pride

*: Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war.

*: a falcon, towering in her pride of place

: I pride myself on being a good judge of character, but pride goes before the fall and Im not a good judge of my own character so Im often wrong without knowing it.

*: Clara had pulled a button from a hollyhock spire, and was breaking it to get the seeds.

: The spire of the church rose high above the town.

*: the spire and top of praises

*: In gentle Ladies breste and bounteous race / Of woman kind it fayrest Flowre doth spyre, / And beareth fruit of honour and all chast desyre.

*: It is not so apt to spire up as the other sorts, being more inclined to branch into arms.

: rfquotek|Shenstone

: rfquotek|Dryden

*: The 12 day wee had the wind high and large ?o that in two dayes ?aile we made the Sunne our Zenith or verticall point...

*: In this 10th m. appeared that prodigious Comett the tayl whereof was like the blade of a double edged sword, and reached almost from the horizon to the zenith.

*: the middle of the day, when the sun was in the zenith, the violence of the heat was too great to stir out...

*: As far to the west as Monica could see, her world was a sea of fog, .... Above it arched a cerulean sky; as the sun climbed to the zenith, ..., the fog gradually took on a bluish tinge.

*: I find my zenith doth depend upon / A most auspicious star.

*: It was during those civil troubles ... this aspiring family reached the zenith.

*: A figure which... by his [[Greek]]e and [[Latin]]e originals... may be called the marching figure... it may [[as well|aswell]] be called the [[climbing|clyming]] figure, for Clymax is as much to say as a ladder.

*: ...Expressions for the whole Climax of sensibility...

*: In the accomplishment of this, they frequently reach the climax of absurdity.

*: When he adds epithets of praise, his climax is ‘so English’. anchor|ecosystem

*: The succession of associations leading to a climax represents the process of adjustment to the conditions of stress, and the climax represents a condition of relative equilibrium. Climax associations... are the resultants of certain climatic, geological... conditions.

*: In many cases the mans climax comes so swiftly that the womans reactions are not nearly ready.

: the apex of the building

: the apex of civilization

*: It would be an intense disgust. The absolute apex of teen angst.

*: Parliament may be dissolved by the demise of the crown.

: Treasure recovered from shipwrecks automatically becomes property of the Crown.

*: Large arrears of pay were due to the civil and military servants of the crown.

*: From toe to crown hell fill our skin with pinches.

*: Twenty things which I set down: / This done, I twenty more had in my crown.

*: the steepy crown of the bare mountains

*: mutual love, the crown of all our bliss

*: [[half-a-crown|Half-a-crown]] is known as an smallcaps|[[alderman]], smallcaps|half a [[bull]], smallcaps|half a [[tusheroon]], and a smallcaps|[[madza caroon]]; [[whilst]] a [[crown]] piece, or five [[shilling]]s, may be called either a smallcaps|[[bull]], or a smallcaps|[[caroon]], or a smallcaps|[[cartwheel]], or a smallcaps|[[coachwheel]], or a smallcaps|[[thick-un]], or a smallcaps|[[tusheroon]].

: rfquotek|Totten

*: You will see the babys head crowning during contractions, at which time you must prepare to assist the mother in the delivery of the baby.

*: "His [Barack Obamas] unofficial slogan fired up and ready to go! was borrowed from an old lady in a church crown [Sunday best hat]."

: crown prince

: a crown fire

*: Her who fairest does appear, / Crown her queen of all the year.

*: Thou ... hast crowned him with glory and honour.

*: the grove that crowns yon tufted hill

*: To crown the whole, came a proposition.

: ux|en|The mother was in the second stage of labor and the fetus had just crowned, prompting a round of encouragement from the midwives.

: ux|en|“Crown me!” I said, as I moved my checker to the back row.

: In summer, it is possible to hike to the summit of Mt. Shasta.

: They met for an international summit on environmental issues.

*: Of the ranges 12 peaks, Mount Saskatchewan is the only one that has yet to be summited.

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