fruit, fag, fruitcake, fairy, bender, poof, twink


: While cucumber is technically a fruit, one would not usually use it to make jam.

: Fruit salad is a simple way of making fruits into a dessert.

: His long nights in the office eventually bore fruit when his business boomed and he was given a raise.

*: the fruit of rashness

*: They shall eat the fruit of their doings.

*: The fruits of this education became visible.

: The litter was the fruit of the union between our whippet and their terrier.

*: King Edwards fruit, true heir to the English crown

*: He?d Phase Out Fag Industry

*: Los Angeles (UPI) - A UCLA professor has called for the phasing out of the cigarette industry by converting tobacco acres to other crops.

*: All of them, like my mother, were heavy smokers, and after warming themselves by the fire, they would sit on the sofa and smoke, lobbing their web fag ends into the fire.

*: So I started off by asking the shearers if they minded if I took a belly off while they were having a fag. Then after a while they were asking me. They?d say, ‘Do yer wanta take over fer a bit while I have a fag?’ And then I got better and I?d finish the sheep and they?d say ‘Christ, I haven?t finished me bloody fag yet, yer may as well shear anotherie.’

*: We are sadly off in the country; not but what we have very good shops in Salisbury, but it is so far to go—eight miles is a long way; Mr. Allen says it is nine, measured nine; but I am sure it cannot be more than eight; and it is such a fag—I come back tired to death.

*: I had the character at ?chool of being the very be?t fag that ever came into it.

*: Creighton with-held his force till the Italian began to fag, and then brought him to the ground.

*: Androgynes known as “fairies,” “fags,” or “brownies.”

*: A couple of days later, Trisha tells Madelyn there is a rumor going around that shes a fag.

: Why did you do that, you fag?

*: Easy, feller, easy. Shes a fruitcake.

: Hes been out on a bender with his mates.

*: A couple of students of Williams College went over to North Adams on a bender. This would have been serious matter under the best of circumstances, but each returned with a “[[brick in his hat]],” etc.

: Poof, he was gone.

: He poofed into thin air.

*: I certainly dont consider myself a twink; however it seems that anyone who doesnt agree with anothers point of view is automatically labelled as such.

*: You will not find any stock. You will not find any easy mobs. You will not find any +100 dam big swords of I win. You will not find twink mudders. You will not hear about how Jim the Kewl dOOd scored last night at his sisters birthday party. You will not find bots.

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