jiggle, wag, vacillate, waver, careen, swing


: Give the key a jiggle and see if it opens.

: Jiggle the handle and see if the water stops.

: The jelly jiggled in the bowl for a few moments after it was set down.

*: No discerner durst wag his tongue in censure.

*: Every one that passeth thereby shall be astonished, and wag his head.

*: "My misfortunes all began in wagging, Sir; but what could I do, exceptin wag?" "Excepting what?" said Mr. Carker. "Wag, Sir. Wagging from school." "Do you mean pretending to go there, and not going?" said Mr. Carker. "Yes, Sir, thats wagging, Sir."

*: They had "wagged it" from school, as they termed it, which..meant truancy in all its forms.

*: "Thus we may see," quoth he, "how the world wags."

*: I will provoke him to t, or let him wag.

: The wag of my dogs tail expresses happiness.

*: Its [the barometers] normal register in the Paumotus [the Tuamotus] was 29.90, and it was quite customary to see it vacillate between 29.85 and 30.00, or even 30.05; [...]

*: On the streets of Berlin, Ruth and her compatriots vacillated "between hope and despair."

: Flowers wavered in the breeze.

*: With banners and pennons wavering with the wind.

*: Thou wouldst waver on one of these trees as a terror to all evil speakers against dignities.

: His voice wavered when the reporter brought up the controversial topic.

*: ...and that when a man was in the wrong his courage wavered, and his nerves became unsteady, and so he couldnt fight to advantage and was easily overcome.

*: Although they believe they can overhaul their 2-0 deficit, they cannot afford to be as lethargic as this at Camp Nou, and the time is surely approaching when Manuel Pellegrinis faith in Martín Demichelis wavers.

: I felt encouraged by all the enthusiastic wavers in the crowd.

: The Fourth of July brings out all the flag wavers.

: Johnny is such a little waver; everyone who passes by receives his preferred greeting.

: rfquotek|Halliwell

: The plant swung in the breeze.

*: With one accord the tribe swung rapidly toward the frightened cries, and there found Terkoz holding an old female by the hair and beating her unmercifully with his great hands.

: The children laughed as they swung.

: It wasnt long before the crowds mood swung towards restless irritability.

: He swung his sword as hard as he could.

: If it’s not too expensive, I think we can swing it.

: "to swing ones partner", or simply "to swing"

: The lathe can swing a pulley of 12 inches diameter.

: A ship swings with the tide.

: ux|en|He worked tirelessly to improve his golf swing.

: ux|en|Door swing indicates direction the door opens.

: ux|en|the swing of a pendulum

: The polls showed a wide swing to Labour.

*: Take thy swing.

*: To prevent anything which may prove an obstacle to the full swing of his genius.

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