harkittu englanniksi   thoughtful, advised, deliberate, premeditated


: ux|en|Most thoughtful people eventually solve the puzzle.

: ux|en|Preparing dinner is a thoughtful gesture for a new mother.

: Tripping me was deliberate action.

: The jury took eight hours to come to its deliberate verdict.

: a deliberate opinion; a deliberate measure or result

*: settled visage and deliberate word

*: His enunciation was so deliberate.

: It is now time for the jury to deliberate the guilt of the defendant.

: premeditated assault

: a premeditated act of aggression

: a premeditated breach of contract

: in the face of premeditated criminal acts

: caused by grossly negligent or premeditated infringement of duty

: There is no proof of premeditated or grossly negligent wrongdoing.

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