*: The subsequent oil slicks that reached the coast resulted in severe ecological and economic consequences for the Galician coast and the Bay of Biscay.

*: The "entierro de la sardina," the burial of the sardine, is a Galician custom popular in many villages on Ash Wednesday.

*: This vowel is similar to the Catalan sound in the words Jordi or sola and to the Galician sound in the words ola or po.

*: In Argentina, too, there is a community of Welsh-speakers. Similarly some Galicians, Catalans and Basques have retained their mother tongues in ways that had they remained, respectively in the United Kingdom or Spain, might have been more difficult to do.

*: The Portuguese claim that a Galician would never be generous, as a Portuguese would. On their side, the Galicians tell the story of the Portuguese who invites some Galicians to dinner and then gives his guests very little to eat.

*: Rosalia de Castro became a crucial element in this early nationalist cultural campaign: she spoke Galician as her first language and she was literate, educated, and sympathetic to the groups progressive aims.

*: Victor Adler was born in a small Moravian town on the Galician border.

*: According to Manuilsky, some Galicians idealized the Austro-Hungarian past for the empires promotion of national autonomy, yet the Habsburgs had discouraged Eastern Galicias economic development, whereas the Soviet power would turn Lviv into one of the biggest industrial centres of Soviet Ukraine.

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