forecast, prognosis, prediction


: to forecast the weather

: to forecast a storm

*: If it happen as I did forecast.

:* Whats the forecast for tomorrow?

*: The prognosis is unfavourable when the child is very young, when the eruption appears before the third day, or when it suddenly disappears.

*: Once the patient has worked through the stage of grieving at diagnosis, adjustment may be successful as therapy is begun and a prognosis is determined.

*: If free speech is the lifeblood of democracy then the fate and the prognosis of the latter are that of the former.

*: The prognosis was made by taking into consideration the facts that the analog concrete had already achieved its ultimate strength by the period of 1500 days while concrete being predicted was to gain its strength limit by 1.25 time faster, that is by the period of 100 days.

: "Its tough to make predictions, especially about the future." [[w:Yogi Berra|Yogi Berra]] or [[w:Robert Storm Petersen|Robert Storm Petersen]] (in translation from Danish)

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