book, album


: She opened the book to page 37 and began to read aloud.

: He was frustrated because he couldnt find anything about dinosaurs in the book.

: I have three copies of his first book.

: Genesis is the first book of the Bible.

: Many readers find the first book of A Tale of Two Cities to be confusing.

: Im running a book on who is going to win the race.

: a book of stamps

: a book of raffle tickets

: I want to book a hotel room for tomorrow night

: I can book tickets for the concert next week.

: They booked that message from the hill

: The police booked him for driving too fast.

: He was really booking, until he passed the speed trap.

: The top three students had a bet on which one was going to book their intellectual property class.

: He was here earlier, but he booked.

*: This mixture was to be effected either by drawing the juries partly from the senate (of about 300 members), partly from an album of 300 equites (Plut. CG 5.2, Comp. 2.1), or by adlecting 600 equites into the senate and drawing the juries from this new senatorial order (Liv. Per. 60).

suositut haut
kohdistin nominatiivi torikammo Saarenmaa appelsiinisooda hallintovirkamies